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Turkish National Pre-Election Polls

Turkish National Pre-Election Polls

By Turkish law,
these final pre-election polls were published a week before the
3 November 2002 election-day.

In the left-most column of the polls-chart below
you'll find an acronym list of the Turkish political parties --
for example, AKP, CHP, DYP, etc.
In each of the other columns to the right, the column is headed by the acronym of
the polling organization (CRC, ETÜT, ÇÖZÜM) -- followed below
by that organization's vote-count percentage-estimate
for each of the political parties.
For example, the CRC polling organization estimates that
the AKP party will win 24.0% of the vote-count,
while the ETÜT and ÇÖZÜM polling organizations estimate
that the AKP party will win 25.0% and 24.7% respectively.

Special Note:
Any party that does not achieve at least 10% of the national vote-count
can not be represented in the post-election government.
Thus, if these poll-estimates are accurate,
only the AKP, CHP, and DYP parties will be permitted to participate
in the post-election government.
And since none of those three parties seem poised to win anything like a majority,
a coalition government would seem inevitable.
In that case, a CHP-DYP coalition is the most likely.

[Click here to find out what actually happened in the 2002 Turkish National Election...]

If you'd like additional help with the captions or the acronyms
please contact us...

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turkish election polls 2002
Right click or use Print Preview to view further image enlargement...

Thanks to:
Gözcü Gazetesi
26 October 2002

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