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You are my beloved...
something or other!

You're my beloved...
something or other !
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My sister and I are regular visitors to Turkey and we keep trying to learn the Turkish language...

On one such visit, I met up with a (previously platonic) Turkish man-friend and during my stay, the relationship began to 'progress' romantically. After I returned home we continued communicating via mobile phone messages -- he sending me passionate recordings in Turkish and me replying (as best I could) -- also in Turkish.

Well, a girl friend of my sister 'overheard' one such recorded message and asked what some of the phrases meant, like, 'Seni cok seviyorum', 'Seni ozledim', 'Seni opuyorum'. But the one she liked most was, 'Sen benim herşeyimsin'... 'You are my everything'...

Visit our 'Terms of Endearment' page --
to see and hear that 'favorite' phrase and others like it.

Then, the Summer of '99 saw our usual excursion to Marmaris to visit friends and generally frighten the locals into submission!

My sister's friend was with us and she decided to try out her newly learned favorite romantic phrase on the "summer love" of her life -- and duly practised all day..."Sen benim herşeyimsin.....Sen benim herşeyimsin..."
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Gittigidiyor, an ebay affiliate

In the evening we arrived at the bar where she was to meet her man...She looked at him longingly and said in a strong scouse accent..."Sen benim eşeyimsin" !

The whole bar erupted into screams of laughter...and the man of her dreams started braying like a donkey...She was mortified...In dropping her 'aitches', she had converted 'you are my everything' into 'you are my donkey'...

Eventually, she did see the funny side.
And everyone remains friends --
but she won't speak Turkish anymore!
EB (March '00)

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