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Turkish 'Allah Exclamations'

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Some Allah Exclamations!
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Everyday Turkish Exclamations
with illustrative cartoons that help you understand their meaning

Last February our friend John Guise (now emigrated to New Zealand and newly-wed to his childhood sweetheart, Dorothy, who tracked him down via the Internet) provided us with a composite list of everyday Turkish exclamations -- which had been supplied to him by Ms. Burcu Dicle Yıldız.

As noted at the time, we'd already addressed several of those exclamations (e.g. The Allah Idioms, Bismillah. etc. -- please see our pages at: Idiomatic Exclamations A and Idiomatic Exclamations B). But, because language-learning-strugglers can always benefit from multiple explications of the Turkish exclamations (since they can have different meanings in different unrelated situations), we also included Burcu Hanım's "Everyday Exclamation List" as a supplement to another of our our pages.

And then, just recently, we came across a few newspaper cartoons that provide even further insight into several of the everyday exclamations in question. Let's have a look at these illustrative cartoons (which appeared in two different newspapers -- in different contexts, on separate dates)...

Maganda (The Lout) explains the everyday
'Allah Exclamations'

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Click for enlargement!

Thanks to Gözcü Gazetesi,
Ergin Asyalı
29 September 2006

In the first panel of the cartoon...
The Lout sez: Here in Turkey, we've left all our work (jobs, activities, tasks) to God. For example, before taking on a job we say 'İnşallah'. If we trust in ourselves to do the job, we say 'Evvelallah'.

In the second panel, The Lout continues: As we begin any new activity, we say 'Bismallah'. If we give up on an activity, it's 'Eyvallah'. If we are ready to do our utmost to complete a job, we say 'Ya Allah'.

In the third panel, The Lout concludes: If we are frustrated, bored, or fed up with a task we say 'Fesüphanallah'. When we embrace a task enthusiastically with spirit, we say 'Allah, Allah, Allah'. If we finish a job successfully, we say 'Maşallah'. And if we fail at a job, we say 'Hay Allah'.

And, to illustrate further...

Learn Practical Turkish Language color iconOne of Turkey's more inscrutable cartoonists is Latif Demirci (we only understand the point of his cartoons about half the time)... who plys his trade at Hürriyet Newspaper. As for his following cartoon, we only understand half the Turkish-language in it, but that's probably sufficient to understanding the whole cartoon-meaning... umm.. we think. The 'tey, tey teey' (for example) is seemingly untranslateable... we opine that it's meant as melodious Turkish baby-talk (similar to 'goo, goo, gooo' baby-talk in English) as the Turkish infant mounts the stuffed-cat. The onlooking real-cat casts a tired, slightly-disapproving-eye... thinking 'Fesüphanallah'... as if to say, "I'm totally bored with these antics...There's something wrong with that child. He's not playing with a full-deck.'

Note: If you stretch the inscrutable Demirci's cartoon-allusion to the near-breaking point, there's a possibilitiy that he was tying this cartoon to the award-winning Musa Kart political-cartoon (of a couple of years ago) that mocked Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as a cat snagged in a troublesome ball of twine...

Turkish Exclamations: An illustrated example of Fesüpanallah/Fesupanallah'.

Thanks to
Latif Demirci
Hürriyet Gazetesi
13 Ocober 2011

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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The political cartoon below (also by Ergin Asyalı) has a clearer meaning... It depicts a frustrated fundamentalist Muslim mullah (and his perplexed young pupil)...

At the cartoon's upper left, the symbolic voice of 'Modern Turkey' roars out, "Turkey is secular, and it will remain secular." Upon hearing the thunderous declaration, the mullah (at center) decries, "Won't this contest ever end? I'm fed up to the teeth with it." (Note: Fesuphanallah - spelled u-without-umlaut [u], in this example.)

The Contest between Secularists and Fundamentalists --
Is this Turkey's 'NeverEnding Story'...?

Translation Services for Turkish Exclamations
Click for enlargement!

Thanks to Gözcü Gazetesi,
Ergin Asyalı
15 November 2006

Editor's Note: Can either side win outright the 'contest' between Turkish secularists and the religious-right in Turkey? Those in favor of a secular Turkish state remember that, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

But, that editorial note aside...language-learning-strugglers wishing to more fully understand the everyday 'Allah Exclamations' may want to save (or print) a copy of this and the other, above-mentioned pages.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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