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Famous Turks Series -- Ahu Tuğba -- Film Actress from the 80's
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Traditions of the Culture

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
Easy now... Be careful not to overdo it.
Traditions of culture -- hand kissing to show respect

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Turkish Cultural Traditions
-- Two Favorites --

We were watching an old Ahu Tuğba movie yesterday on the SinemaTürk Channel of DigiTurk (our satellite TV provider), and in the space of less than 90 seconds we saw two of our favorite Turkish traditions enacted.

In the first one, a departing younger person (in this movie's case, the young hero) quickly kisses the right-hand of an older woman (his mother) and still holding her hand, he raises it and touches it to his forehead. And, he repeats that exact same act with the older woman's husband (his father). This is the traditional way in Turkey to demonstrate heartfelt respect -- either to someone older than yourself or to someone you admire greatly.

You'll see the tradition practiced a lot by children with adults, especially at bayram (holiday) time...when the kids come to pay their respects -- and to collect candy or your spare-change money or both. But it's also a great thing for a son-in-law (or daughter-in-law) to do when greeting parents-in-law after a long separation from them. It's a very endearing act. Mothers-in-law, especially, melt when younger people do this...

In the enactment of the second tradition, the same young man (after his respectful hand-kissing) jumps in his car with his girlfriend... and as he drives off, the older woman dips a wok-like water scoop (curiously called a saç in Turkish) into a nearby water barrel, scoops out some water and flings the water (only) after the departing car.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

This is the traditional way in Turkey to bid fond farewell to loved ones who are setting out on a long journey by road vehicle. Actually any container can be used to throw the water from...a glass or a cup would serve just as well. The tradition itself serves to express a wish -- that the long journey will go smoothly, without mishap. As smooth as water.

The film will be re-shown in the next couple of days and we'll try to record it and put that little 'tradition' segment online -- so that you can see it for yourself.

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