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The wrong and, the right ands

Tüm erkek giyim markası fırsatları için tıklayın !

We don't know about you, but early in our Turkish-language learning-experience, we got hooked on using the Turkish 've' to mean the English 'and' -- at almost every opportunity.

Oh, yes...we do remember, vaguely, something in our text-books about the '-ıp' suffix and the stand-alone 'da' -- but why should we worry about them when 've' was available, and so easy for us to understand and use? Well, here's what one of our favorite Turkish-language advisors, Deniz Sarıöz, has to say on the subject:

"Something I am really anal about is the
pathological overuse of the word 've' in Turkish,
which is considered a substitute for the English word 'and' --
due to the frequency of non-Turkish movies on TV with
very very bad translations.
More often than not,
'and' would translate better to Turkish as
'da' or 'de' or as '-ıp, -ip, -up, -üp' --
according to the rule of vowel harmony.
For instance, in the example,
'Mektubu aç ve okuyalım.'
(Open the letter and let's read it)...
it would be so much more natural
to replace the 've' in the sentence with 'da'.

What Deniz (a native Türk) must mean is that it's
so much more natural for native Türks to do that!
(He hasn't thought about us poor non-natives --
who don't find much that's natural about the Turkish language at all.)

But nevvvermind, his point is well taken. Because, we sure hear 'da' and 'ıp' (and 'ile', by the way) here in the Turkish streets (and in Turkish radio and television programming) a lot more than we hear 've'.

So if you too would like a simple and effective way to sound better in Turkish, then cast out the unnatural-sounding 've' (wherever you can) -- in favor of the native-sounding 'da', 'ıp', and 'ile'...

And remember...

all of the 've' variations adhere strictly to
the rule of vowel harmony
as shown

1) da, de
2) -ıp, -ip, -up, -üp
3) ile, -la, -le

Remember, though, that 'ile', '-la', and '-le' are also
commonly used as prepositions (postpositions) meaning 'with' or 'by'. So we need to be careful not to confuse 'ile', the conjunction, with 'ile', the preposition, as we translate...
-- see examples three thru seven, below --

1) Bütün o problemleri unut da zevkine bak.
To translation

2) Her seferinde aynı şey, suçu kendi işler, kolayca kardeşinin üstüne yıkıp zeytinyağı gibi üste çıkardı.
To translation

3) Doğu ile (or Doğuyla) Batı arasında uzlaşma var.
(There is rapprochement between East and West.)

4) İzmir'e uçak ile gidiyorum.
(I'm going to Izmir by plane.)

5) İzmir'e uçakla gidiyorum.
(I'm going to Izmir by plane.)

6) İzmir'e otobüs ile gidiyorum.
(I'm going to Izmir by bus.)

7) İzmir'e otobüsle gidiyorum.
(I'm going to Izmir by bus.)

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