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No Match For Armenian Genocide True-Believers --
TIME Magazine capitulates...
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From Eric Hoffer's 'True Believer'
"It is easier to hate an enemy
with much good in him than one who is all bad.
We can not hate those we [look down on]."

The True Believer by Eric Hoffer
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TIME Magazine bows meekly to True-Believers
The Final Concession...

TIME Magazine finally caved completely in February 2007 -- and granted the 4th and final concession to the genocide true-believers...

Click following for The First 3 Concessions.

4) On 12 February 2007, the European edition of TIME magazine, displayed a full-page 'declaration' about the so-called Armenian Genocide, and included a DVD (in English and French) which contained the one-sided genocide documentary film by French director (and true-believer) Laurence Jourdan. Both the DVD and the full-page ad were provided free of charge by TIME Europe...

It would have been more dramatic (and fitting) for TIME to have waited a couple of weeks before making that 4th concession -- so that the granting of it could have been judged in full light of the stunning UN High Court decision on Genocide, which came down just 14 days later.
[On 26 February 2007, in an unspeakable 'Christians-Only Club' decision, the UN's Highest Court incredulously cleared Serbia of the genocide, that it had committed against Muslims during the Bosnian War of 1992-1995.
The Court acknowledged that genocide had been perpetrated by local Serbian officials (in places like Srebrenica) --
but, get this,
such genocide wasn't exactly the Serbian government's fault!]
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Could the genocidal evidence against the 'Christian' Serbs been more clear-cut and overwhelming? Could it have been collected (or presented) in a more exemplary, painstaking, technologically accurate and modern way?

We don't think so -- but, if this indecent UN High Court decision is indicative of the way the 'game' will be played henceforth by the Western World, then...the shameless hounding of Turkey, over cloudy disputed events of nearly 100 years ago (when technology was in a pre-embryonic state) -- must end now.

In light of the UN Court's unseemly Serbian ruling, if the West continues to aim genocidal accusations at Turkey, then there are only two words needed to describe so-called Western Justice... 'blatantly duplicitous'.

With its total capitulation to genocide true-believer demands, TIME has forfeited its right to call itself "an independent newsmagazine". And, it has made the job easier for the next gang of well-financed blackmailers that comes along -- to more quickly manipulate TIME's editorial policy and magazine content...
because the blackmailing blueprint is already in place.

You may find the one-sided Laurence Jourdan documentary at: Armenian Genocide -- 52 minutes

If you'd like a more balanced view (which includes the Turkish side of the story too) -- you may find it at: The Armenian Revolt (1894-1920) -- 56 minutes

Postscript: These heart-wrenching issues can not be viewed from just one side... On 19 January 2007, in the midst of the unworthy activities of the aforementioned gang of genocide true-believers, a different true-believer (this one a despicable murderer of 'pure' Turkish extraction) struck down Hrant Dink (the respected, controversial Armenian-Turkish journalist) outside his offices in Istanbul.

The sickening act was reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s, when Armenian terrorist groups (ASALA and JCAG) systematically murdered more than 40 Turkish diplomats -- and 80 other innocents who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hrant Dink
(Sept 15, 1954 - Jan 19, 2007)

Hrant Dink -- respected, controversial Armenian-Turkish journalist
Click for enlargement!

The vast majority of Turkey's citizens (though not all, it's fair to say) were horrified by the traumatizing event. Thousands of 'pure-blooded' Turks marched the evening of the murder from Taksim Square in central Istanbul to the spot on the sidewalk where Dink was shot dead. The marchers lit candles and displayed picture posters of the martyr -- and broke their sad silence periodically with emotional calls for 'the brotherhood of peoples'. One poignant sign read, "We are all Armenians! We are all Hrant Dink!". In that spirit, we close this page in memory of an actual Armenian hero.


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    Posted by Mehmet | March 31, 2007

    The concessions given by TIME magazine in this case are typical of what commercial entities do. TIME is there to SELL -- and it's naive of us to expect its editors to present a just and balanced view on this controversial issue. TIME believes, first an foremost, that it must please its readers in order to make profit. The profit motive is the same for all such publications. It's therefore up to us [Turkish readers and supporters] to place more pressure on popular world publications -- by becoming more involved. If world publications realize that they are offending some 70 million Turkish citizens (and an untold number of Turkish supporters worldwide), just to win a few thousand fanatic hearts -- then hopefully, their news coverage and opinion about this issue will become more balanced. It's too late for TIME Magazine -- which has already 'sold its vote' to the lowliest bidder.

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