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Karaca Kaan
dances up a storm in
Kadınalar Hamamı (Women's Bath)
written and directed by
Ülkü Erakalın in 1978
Karaca Kaan as she appeared in the film credits of 'Kadınlar Hamamı' (Women's Bath) -- written and directed by Ülkü Erakalın in 1978.
Famous Turk...

A Karaca Kaan film-poster curiousity...
Maybe it's because of its extremely rude title,
but this Kaan movie isn't listed
on any of the online movie data bases.
It's as if Em'Onu (S*ck It) never existed...
Karaca Kaan ran amuck in Em'Onu (S*ck It)
Thanks to

In her last film...
Karaca Kaan
appeared with Cüneyt Arkın
in Klepçe (Handcuffs)
directed by 'Ciko' İnanç
in 1982
Karaca Kaan starred with Cüneyt Arkın in 'Klepçe' (Handcuffs) 1982.

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Turkish Erotik-Film History

Karaca Kaan
True Confessions

Karaca Kaan readily admits...
Karaca Kaan on 32nd Day, Mehmet Ali Birand's late-night TV program.
Thanks to
32nd Day
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Karaca Kaan
Yes, She Did!

Certain female stars of the seks furyası era (like Mine Mutlu, Arzu Okay, Feri Cansel, and Zerrin Egeliler) always claimed that they only performed erotik simulations in their films, never real-seks. And, based on our viewing of the erotik films in our Turkish films library, we tend to believe those ladies -- though we have some reservations (which we express in Zerrin Zaps Zonguldak) about the Egeliler claim.

Let's not forget the list of real-seks (and likely-real-seks) male stars...that includes at least Levent GŁnsel, Yılmaz Şahin, Cem Eser, Recep Filiz, Sermet Serdengeçti, Hadi Çaman, Ali Poyrazoğlu, Aydemir Akbaş, Kazım Kartal, Çetin Başaran, Ata Saka, Bülent Kayabaş, Ünsal Emre, Salih Güney, and Yalçin Gülhan.

Others female stars clearly crossed the line to perform real-seks on screen and most of them readily admit it. To the list of real-seks-performing female stars (which includes Zerrin Doğan, Zafir Seba, Peri Zat (Perizat), Harika Öncü, Dilber Ay, Emel Cansel, Melek Görgün, Müge Güler, and Figen Han)... you can now add Karaca Kaan.

We don't have an absolutely clear on-screen real-seks example of Kaan in our film library. We've got lots of 'probables' -- though none of them is quite distinct enough to be called 'defintive'.

But if you listen closely to the following film-clip of the Kaan interview (taped for Mehmet Ali Birand's 32nd Day late-night TV program in 2004), you'll hear Kaan admit to performing real-seks on-screen. In a figurative translation of her words, she says "Look, this was the seks-film boom era, I was a seks-star, you know. We performed quite openly. Look, we performed erotic acts, we performed everything..."

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Let us know if you enjoy our
'Movies Database' pages and film clips.

We'll add more of them if you do...

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