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Anlat Bakalım/Tabu
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TV Ratings Star -- Actor, Game Show and Variety Show Host... Oktay Karnarca
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
On the TV Game Show 'Analat Bakalım'
Celebrity Guest-Contestant Defne Joy
cracks up Game Show-Host Oktay Karnarca
Strictly Taboo...Celebrity Guest-Contestant Defne Joy cracks up Gameshow-Host Oktay Karnarca
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Thanks to 17-year-old defnemania
28 June 2007

It's Strictly Taboo

Turkey's #1 game show again this year is based on the Hasbro board game Taboo -- which, as a word, would normally translate into Turkish as Tabu. But defying normality, the game show's Turkish name is Anlat Bakalım; Explain, Let's See. Curiously, that's also the name Turks gave to the dubbed versions of the two Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro mafia comedy-movies Analyze This (Anlat Bakalım I) and Analyze That (Anlat Bakalım II).

For readers unfamiliar with the Taboo board game.. it's a (person, place or thing) word-guessing game that involves at least two teams of 3 players. The teams compete by guessing 'secret' target-words found at the top of preprinted, randomly-selected cards -- from clues given by one team member to another. Clue-givers may not use any physical gestures in the clue-giving process -- and they may not use 5 specific 'taboo' words, which are listed on the preprinted cards beneath the 'secret' target-word. For example, if the secret target word is 'Bikini; then the under-list of 5 prohibited, taboo words might include: 'revealing', 'sexy', 'swimsuit', 'two-piece', and 'depilatory'. The team that guesses the most correct target words in 45 seconds wins. Opposing team members monitor the clue-giving and, if they detect a rule violation (due, for example, to illegal hand gestures) they get to disrupt the clue-giver with an annoying buzzer -- and take precious seconds off the 45 second 'clock'.

Now in its second season on the Turkish FOX TV channel (formally TGRT), Anlat Bakalım takes its format from The New TNN TV game show Taboo -- a smash-hit among demographic Generation X viewers in the US, which first appeared on air in 2003. But, as you can imagine, the Anlat Bakalım game show (with its own, distinctly Turkish flavor) is no US Taboo clone...

Earlier this week, Cengiz Semercioğlu (a Hurriyet Gazetesi Entertainment Section writer) updated us on the game show's goings on -- citing 9 humorous clue-giving dialogs among the contestants.

We've selected a couple of those dialogs for your amusement -- but please be aware as you read them, that they require some knowledge of Turkish celebrities and of the Turkish language...

In one case, contestants were challenged to guess the name of the talented (though mentally deranged) Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist, Vincent van Gogh. In the other case, the name of the sexy Brazilian dance, The Lambada, was the target.

The Famous Artist: Vincent van Gogh? Or Bülent Ersoy?

Since ear was already on the taboo word list (and therefore banned from use), the Clue-giver was groping for a substitute clue, when he finally tried, "Who was the artist who cut off his organ." His teammate's immediate reply was "Bulent Ersoy" -- and it brought down the house. While it may have been the wrong answer -- it was very comically (and painfully) 'right'.

The Sexy Brazilian Dance: The Lambada

The game-segment kicked off with a taunt from an opposing team member, "It's too hard, you'll never get this one."

To understand what happened next, you need to remember basic Turkish word patterns and to follow the neat play-on-words elicited by the Clue-giver -- who provided this brainy hint to her teammate, "Where does Aladdin's Genie live?" she clued.

Without hesitation, her teammate's answer "Lambada" was right on the money... How did her teammate come up with the correct answer so easily and quickly? Well, when Lamba (meaning lamp in Turkish) is followed by the attached suffix -da (meaning in the)... it makes Lambada. And that word in Turkish may be used to mean either in the lamp (where Aladdin's Genie lives) -- or The Lambada, the sexy Brazilian dance!

And so, dear reader, we've got another weird and wonderful Turkish ambiguity on our hands.
Oh my...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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