I scream, you scream, we all scream for Turkish Ice Cream!
An anecdotal guide to the pleasures of Turkish Ice Cream...
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Turkish Ice Cream Lover
Helin Avşar
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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An anecdotal
Ice Cream Lover's Guide
Turkish Ice Cream
Part 2

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
My hero...
A styrofoam cooler like this one (at $6.99) did the trick...
I scream, you scream, we all scream for Turkish Ice Cream!

An Unsweetened Introduction
to Turkish Ice Cream

Light at the end of
the Turkish Ice Cream tunnel

Some of you must have been wondering, "Well why didn't you pack a good-sized cooler with ice -- and use it to bring 10 or 12 boxes of ice-cream at a time from big-city Izmir?" "Or, if you didn't want to go to all that trouble (or if you didn't have that much freezer space at home), why didn't you use a good-quality insulated freezer bag to transport one-zies and two-zies?"

Both good ideas, definitely. Because if we could get the ice-cream home unmelted, we did have a reliable mini-freezer (a housewarming gift from Peri's sister Semra) -- that could accept a dozen liter boxes of ice-cream at a time.

But finding either of those products on the market back then (1992) was 'to dream the impossible dream'. Coolers and freezer bags hadn't yet found their way to Turkey -- even in big-city Izmir. We looked in every conceivable store (except the US Government PX in Izmir -- which our taxes supported but where we weren't allowed), and came up empty. Nor were searches in Ankara any more successful -- as friends and family there discovered. In those days, the variety of goods available here was pretty basic. Thankfully, in that regard at least, a lot has changed in the last 5-10 years. (Other things have changed too; not all of them get our seal-of-approval. But that's another story.)

So...'our' (my) only real hope lay with our household goods that hadn't yet arrived by slow-boat from the States.

The week before we departed from Dulles Airport we very haphazardly filled up a standard-sized shipboard container to the brim -- and shipped it to Izmir (addressed to ourselves) via an inexpensive stops-everywhere cargo ship. But a lot of useful-items didn't make it into 'the box' and had to be left behind. Was our el-cheapo Styrofoam cooler and our grungy insulated freezer-bag among the items that got packed -- or not? And were they undamaged -- or at least still functional?

When the container arrived in late October, it took us two days of official-ese in Izmir to extract our goods from Turkish Customs (with the help of one Atilla Bey, a commercial customs agent -- at a cost of $500, as I recall). And, transporting the goods (which filled 2 Tangerine-carrying trucks) from Izmir (down that long Aegean coastal road) to Gümüldür cost another $200. We reckoned we'd gotten off cheap...

But best of all... though our freezer-bag was missing, our Styrofoam cooler was among those goods that had made it all the way from Mt. Airy, Maryland. And, though a little worse for wear, it was still in working condition.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm makyaj ve kozmetik ürün fırsatları için tıklayın !

So, for the next 5-6 years until the coming to our environs of the first Tansaş Supermarket (with its year-round ice-cream deep-freeze units)... if I wanted ice-cream 'out of season', we'd make an ice-cream run to Izmir to fill up that beat-up cooler (which we still own) -- and then make a non-stop return. Up and down that coastal road in record time. Lickety split.


Posted by Eva | July 13, 2006

Oh, I was right with you in epicurean spirit as I read of your quest for a steady supply of ice cream. I'm a fellow ice cream fiend. Just returned from a trip to Italy a few days ago where daily trips to gelaterie were a must. Supposedly New Englanders are especially avid consumers of ice cream year round, but I find fellow fans where ever I've travelled. If you're curious about a very low tech way of making your own, I've read directions for a "Kick the Can" ice cream making method which involves a 1 pound empty coffee can (metal is important for temperature conducting) put inside a 3 pound coffee can surrounded by layers of ice and rock salt. The ice cream ingredients are in the smaller can and, of course, you kick it around a while with some stirring now and then. A search would bring up directions for sure. I'd be happy to share a couple of good base recipes from B&Js which I use in an electric ice cream maker. At any rate, happy dondurma enjoying any way you get a hold of it!

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Turkish Turkish Food, Turkish Drink

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