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Smoking Advice
The Nargile, the Hookah, and the Hubble Bubble --
Smoker's Delight or Dangerous Health Hazards?

The Best Nargile Smoking Salons in Turkey

A Very Satisfied Ottoman Smoker
A Smoking List -- The Nargile, the Hookah, and the Hubble Bubble meet a satisfied smoker
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A Smoking List...
The Nargile, Hookah, and the Hubble Bubble
10 Best Turkish Nargile Smoking Venues

According to a new tobacco smokers' study (funded by the medical faculty team led by Doçent Dr. Tuncer Tuğ at Abant İzzet Baysal University in the Bolu Province of Turkey) smoking a nargile is more dangerous to good health (especially for young people) than smoking other tobacco-nicotine delivery-systems -- for example, cigarettes or cigars.

The study bases that critical finding on two factors.

The first arises from the nargile smoking ritual in Turkey -- which is traditionally carried out over an longer smoking period than that of the other tobacco products.

The second is due to the 'drive' that nargile smokers feel... to fulfill their need for nicotine -- which is delivered in quite small doses from each individual nargile puff. This causes nargile smokers to inhale much more harmful smoke than smokers of either cigarettes or cigars.

The result is that a nargile smoker inhales about 200 times more smoke (in a continuous one hour smoking session) than a cigarette smoker (who doesn't smoke continuously) during the same time period.

Dr. Tuğ also claims that nargile smokers face 4 times more risk of mouth and throat cancer, 2 times more risk of lung cancer, 1.5 times more risk of heart and vein disease, and twice as much risk of emphysema -- compared to cigar smokers.

But suppose you don't give a damn?

Suppose you want to 'walk on the wild side'.

In that case, consider the following list...

The Ten Best Turkish Nargile Smoking Venues

The 'smoking palaces' below (shown in major city order) are some of the most highly-regarded Turkish hubble-bubble salons.

But if you don't live near any of the big city centers, don't despair. Just ask your kapıcı -- he'll direct you to a good local nargile smoking place in an instant.

Tel. Area Code: (0-312)
Nezih Kafe
Tel. 286-6103
Recep Özgen Aile Çay Bahçesi
Tel. 311-3188

Tel. Area Code: (0-212)
Can Nargile
Erenler Nargile
Tel. 511-8853
Erzurum Nargile
Nargilem Kafe

Tel. Area Code: (0-232)
Egemen Kiraathanesi
Hakkı'nin Yeri Bayramyeri Kafe
Salon Koparan

Tel. Area Code: (0-236)
Ayni Ali'nin Yeri

Let's have a little closer look at each of them, shall we...?

In Part 2 -- Salon Koparan, İzmir's highest-rated hubble-bubble house.


Posted by Genevieve | February 23, 2007

Thanks for the info on nargile/narghile smoking and the list of places. It is not a question of not giving a damn in face of these “new” studies that are all based on the same serious scientific errors that have paved the way to a now-exposed worldwide propaganda. Independent scientists like Oliver Clark, Daryl Cross, Chaouachi and others have blown the whistle on the authors of these pseudo-scientific claims aiming at demonising an old and well known custom in Turkey. Read the following: http://narghile.blogspot.com/2007/02/heading-towards-all-out-revolutio n-in.html Read also a detailed critique of the World Health Organization report on water-pipe smoking, the first ever prepared by this UN body at: http://ww.jnrbm.com/content/5/1/17 Conclusion: Narghile smoking is everything if you want but nobody can say today that is MORE dangerous than cigarettes. The results of unpublished studies even point in the opposite direction. Future will soon tell us. With love, Genevieve -- The Sacred Narghile at http://www.sacrednarghile.com/

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