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Pop-Star heart-throb Serdar Ortaç -- in the lower echelon of bayram elite entertainers, will only make YTL 50 Million (USD$33 Million) for his performance at IC Tatil Köyü
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Turkish Pop Stars and Entertainers --
will be rolling in dough after Ramadan/Ramazan

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For elite entertainers
money will fall like rain...

Top pay for Turkish Superstars after Ramazan!
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Thanks to Hürriyet Gazetesi
30 September 2006

During the holiday following Ramazan/Ramadan, which entertainers will be paid the highest fees for the least amount of work?

Turkish Pop Stars who made die-hard fans this summer with new music album releases in vacation spots like Bodrum, Antalya, and Izmir are in big demand for the post-Ramazan bayram holiday. And a competition has developed among the luxury-hotel owners to see who can secure the services of the most-famous of the super-famous entertainers -- which has blown the cap off of fees for the elite group of singers.

Because of the hoteliers competition, the performers find themselves the beneficiaries of a bidding war. They are receiving offers of between TL 25 and 200 Billion (USD$1.65 and $13 Million) for high-profile in-country bookings during the holiday -- and for a booking outside the country (such as in Northern Cyprus or Germany), the performers are asking an additional 10 to 30 % premium.

The 2 biggest Turkish pop music stars, Tarkan and Sezen Aksu are perched on a special peak with the fees they are asking. Tarkan wants TL 200 Billion (USD$13 Million) to give a single concert while bargain-basement Sezen Hanım only wants TL 130 Billion (USD$8.5 Million) for such a similar one-night stand.

You can check the chart in the article above to see if your favorite Turkish Entertainer is among the bayram elite. The chart also shows the performance venues for each off the stars -- and the fees they'll realize for their bookings. What's not shown is the number of shows they'll need to do in order to fulfill their 'gigs'. But two or three 2-hour performances might be considered the norm.

Established stars like Hülya Avşar, Sibel Can, Ibrahim Tatlıses made the list as you'll see, but you may be surprised by the fees they settled for...

Maybe their so damned rich already, that they don't really care how much they receive for the bayram booking... just happy to make a 'token fee' to perform in a beau geste directed towards their fans. Whaddaya think?

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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