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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Have we got a deal then, Mehmet?
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Most Popular Personal Male Name -- Mehmet
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Our "Turkish Personal Names" Dictionary

Personal Names and Meanings in Turkey

According to our CPanel Website Statistical Reports, LPT site visitors continue to show interest in our recent blog on "Turkish Personal-names, Baby-names, and Surnames."

And that encourages us to remind such interested visitors to also visit (or revisit) our 'Plain English Dictionary of Turkish Personal Names, First Names, Given Names' page.

We still make additions and revisions to the 'Personal Names' dictionary page -- though these days, we confess, it's mostly when we receive a specific site-visitor request. Like the one we got yesterday -- from Kezban E. that said:

"I have searched in vain for the meaning of 'Kezban'. I was named after my Turkish grandmother and am called Keziban. If you can be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it."

Luckily, Keziban Hanım's request didn't take long to research and we were able to provide her an answer -- which we hope satisfied her immediate curiosity. Here is what we said (fleshed out a little in case you're interested in the reference sources we used):


Dear Keziban,

We found a couple of pertinent reference books in our library -- that help answer your info request.

In Çocuk İsimleri Sözlüğü; Baby Names Dictionary by Metin Celal (Papirus Yayınları, February 1996 -- ISBN: 975-7432-71-7) we found that:

Kezban is a female name exclusively -- and it means:

1) someone who manages (or administers) a place (or an activity)
2) someone who is connected to home and husband

And in Kemal Zeki Gençosman's Türk İsimleri Sözlüğü; Turkish Names Dictionary (which we acquired as a paperback book supplement to Tempo Magazine a few years back) we found that:

'Kezban' is derived from 'Kedbanu', which is of Persian origin
(i.e. Kezban is the Turkified version of Kedbanu). And it originally meant:

1) a female majordomo, butler
2) a liar

That second meaning (which doesn't fit the other ones at all) is very curious -- and there's probably an intriguing story behind it. Unfortunately, our reference book was mute on the subject."

<End Quote>

Turkish personal names may interest you too. Some have very curious meanings and origins indeed -- as above with Kezban. We've tried to cover all of the modern popular names on our Online 'Personal Names' page (and/or on our CD) -- and to include their historical roots whenever (and wherever) we find them.

But if you've got a specific 'personal name' (male of female) that we haven't yet covered, which you'd like us to investigate and post online, then please e-mail us your request. We'll add it to our handy 'Plain English Dictionary of Turkish Personal Names, First Names, and Given Names'. Because, like as not...it'll also be interesting to us!

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm cd fırsatları için tıklayın !

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri
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