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The adult Turkish-language conversation found on this off-color Turkish page may not be for everyone...
Please back out now if you think you may be offended.

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Off-Color Turkish
Naughty Turkish Belly Dancer
Belly dancer -- Nilufer Oz, in her prime
Nilüfer Öz

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The Turkish Lout's Off-color Daughter
The Sexy Secret of Aysel Hanım's Success

Aysel's Racy Turkish Job Interview Technique
dirty Turkish language, kulot (panties), off-color Turkish

Two catty friends discussing Aysel,
the Turkish Lout's daughter...

Catty Friend #1 (first panel):
Did you hear that Ms. Aysel found a great new job.
I wonder why I too can't find a nice job like that?
Catty Friend #2 (second panel):
It's simple... Just do what she does...
Catty Friend #2 (continues in the third panel):
On your way to the interview meeting,
take off your panties.
Thanks to:
Gözcu/Asabi Gazetesi, Gerçek Yayıncılık A. Ş.
(Mehmet Ali Yalçındağ, Owner)
and Volkan Atalay, creator of  'Maganda, The Lout'.
Ankara (19 August 2005)

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