How Paypal can rip you off, if you're not careful -- and what you should do, if it happens.
PayPal Horror Stories, PayPal Dirty Tricks, PayPal Class-action Lawsuit, PayPal Ripoffs

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Update: 1 August 2004...
Today, we received the long-awaited class-action lawsuit
'Notice of Pendency of Class Action and Proposed Settlement'
(dated 28 July 2004) against PayPal.
We'll be submitting our claim for damages against PayPal
in accordance with that settlement procedure --
in the very near future.
If you'd like a copy of the Notice,
please contact us with your request at:
Jim and Perihan Masters

Our PayPal Horror Story...
(posted on this page in June 2002)

On 29 March 2002,
Paypal Inc (the Internet payment-processing firm)
'pulled a fast one' on us and,
without warning,
froze us out of our own customer-sales cash-account
(and confiscated a week's worth of our USD$ proceeds --
from your recent LPT CD and book purchases).

The reason?

Turkey, they said, was 'not a country that they serviced' --
although they've been doing exactly that since January 2001!

And they're still holding our money...
And, they still won't answer our e-mail on the subject.
Except to say (in a computer generated message)
that they'll gladly continue to collect payments for us,
but they won't allow us to use them --
until PayPal 'grants' service to Turkey at some unspecified date in the future.
What cheek!
What makes the PayPal position even cheekier
is that our banking and credit accounts are all-American --
and that we are still 'permanent residents' of Maryland in the States!

We aren't the only ones who've been scammed by 'NoPal'
(see the news articles at: and CNet).
After you read those articles you may reach the same conclusion we did...
that PayPal is short of operating cash and
has found an easy and convenient way to get all they need --
by arbitrarily freezing its subscriber's cash-accounts...
My God, just think how much they could earn in interest-payments alone --
by merely freezing 5% of the cash-accounts
of their [purported] 13 Million subscribers!
It's Scary.

And a class-action lawsuit has already been brought against them and is building steam.

But that won't help us recover our USD$ proceeds any time soon.
And it won't help you Turkish-language strugglers
(who might be interested in purchasing our latest CD edition
or our new book, The Best of Learning Practical Turkish -- Volume 3)
So we've cut our links with NoPal and
have been scrambling to line up an Internet payment processing firms --
that offers more reputable customer (and seller) services.

LPT customers may access our new Internet payment-service via
our CD description page and our book-description page...

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We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Request information about interim payment methods...

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