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Alev Sayın (Alev Sahin)
Veteren Turkish actress of
16 films btween 1982 and 1994

Actress Alev Sayın, veteren of 16 films btween 1982 and 1994
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

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Nargile Users Guide
Turkish water-cooled smoking Pipes A-Z
A picture-guide to nargile components and accessories --
showing how to assemble, prepare for use, and enjoy them!
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Marvin overwhelmed by the variety of
Turkish nargile (hookah, hubble bubble) water-pipes --
a traditional Ottoman Turkish smoker's delight.
Or, are they deadly dangerous health hazards?
Hmmm... I forgot.
Oh, well...

Turkish nargile, hubble bubble, hookah
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Illustrated Nargile Users Guide
The definitive guide to modern-day Turkish water-cooled smoking pipes --
their components, their assembly and preparation, their use
(including nargile etiquette),
and their care

Unassembled nargile components,
accessories, tobacco, and charcoal 'fuel'

The gövde
[body in English]
is made of decorative glass or ceramic material -- and it's where the filtering water-cooled smoking pipe is housed.

The boru
[tube in English]
fits snugly into the neck of gövde.
The harsh unfiltered smoke flows through this tube from the lüle [pipe bowl] to the water-cooled smoking pipe in the gövde, where it is naturally-filtered -- and its temperature greatly reduced.

The boru fits through
the neck of the gövde.

When the boru is fully seated in the gövde, it must form an air-tight seal.

These items are the
tepsi and the maşa
[baseplate and tongs].
The ruzgarlık [windbreak] may be placed on the baseplate near the end of the assembly procedure. The tongs (which may be attached to the tepsi by a thin chain) are used to handle the charcoal [mangır], whenever necessary.

Placing the tepsi
and the maşa

The tepsi and maşa in place...

This is the clay lüle
[pipe bowl]

Placing the lüle...

When the lüle is in place it must form an air-tight seal.

The marpuç
[smoking tube]
consists of several sections -- a hard section that connects to the nargile boru, a longish flexible section (made of leather) that leads to the nargile handle, and the imame [mouthpiece] section.

Inserting the marpuç into the boru.

When the marpuç is properly inserted into the boru it must form an air-tight seal.

These items are the imame and the sipsi
[mouthpiece and 'reed' in English].
The imame is the hard mouthpiece (cum handle) section of the marpuç (made from kehribar [fossil resin] in fine nargile). The term comes from the same shape of the imame section of Islamic prayer beads. The sipsi is a disposable sanitary plastic device for 'puffing' the filtered nargile smoke.

When the sipsi is properly inserted into the imame it forms an air-tight seal. These sipsi devices allow several people to smoke the same pipe -- with each person using his or her own
sanitary sipsi puffing device.

A box of vacuum-packed
capuccino-flavored tütün

Placing the tütün in the lüle

The tütün in the lüle

Covering the tütün with folyo
[tin-foil] is necessary with
flavored tobaccos --
which tend to be 'wet'.
Foil is not necessary with
traditional-style Tömbeki tobacco.

Perforating the folyo with any thin, sharp object -- allows the charcoal to burn wet tobacco, but stops wet tobacco from putting out the charcoal.

One of these charcoal disks called mangır ['coin money'] is ideally suited for a typical 30-40 minute nargile smoking session. But, just about any kind of non-smelly charcoal is fine for the job.

A nargile uzman [expert] holds the mangır (while he lights it)
with a maşa (tongs).

The lit mangır is placed on the perforated folyo using a maşa.

The uzman 'primes' the lit nargile (while an aficionado looks on) with a series of long, deep puffs through his sipsi. Before long, the cooled and filtered smoke is seen above the water-cooled smoking-line in the gövde, and then begins to reach the smoker's mouth.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

This item is a ruzgarlık [windbreak], and is not always used --
unless it's breezy.

The ruzgarlık in place, protecting the smoldering charcoal

A fully-assembled nargile, ready to smoke
A modern-day
nargile aficionado
enjoys an ancient tradition...

And, it's always 'try before you buy' at our Gümüldür sales-outlet.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Turkish Turkish Food, Turkish Drink

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