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A very young Hande Ataizi -- model, actress
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Name that dog!

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Oh, give me a home...where the flocking sheep roam...
Name this dog -- Anatolian Shepherd


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  • Our Twice-Failed Adventure in Dog-Naming

    We received an email request last week that was so similar to one we received in 1997 that it made us do a double take.

    I've merged the two requests just below, but, basically, they both asked for translation help relating to the exact same question -- about what to name a Turkish dog...

    "My spouse and I just acquired an Anatolian dog (in 1997 the dog was a Shepherd and last week the dog was a Kangal). We need to name the dog in Turkish for Registration purposes. In English, we have named him... (the dog-name was 'Tuff One' in 1997 and 'Tough Guy' last week) -- and we need the translation. Can you help please?"

    After getting over our surprise at the similarity between two dog-naming questions asked nine full years apart, we answered the one last week in almost the same way as we answered the one in 1997:


    We don't know if you'll go for this, but we have what we think is a great suggestion...

    A couple of months ago, Peri caught my attention when she said that one of our Turkish friends was a "Çetin Çeviz"...

    I said, "Wha'?"

    She explained...

    "Çetin Çeviz" (which literally means "Rough Walnut") is a personal name that Turks give to someone who 'doesn't give up easily'.

    "Çetin" is quite an ordinary Turkish first name, and "Çeviz" is an ordinary Turkish surname... But the two names in combination -- have that special meaning in Turkish.

    In English, we often describe people in a similar way...Like we might say that someone is a John Henry, or a Wilbur Milquetoast, or a Robin Hood...in these three cases, the names automatically convey a sense of strength, weakness, or bravery respectively -- to people who come from an English speaking background.

    It's the same idea for people from a Turkish background when they hear someone referred to as "Çetin Çeviz" -- it means the person is reliable, dependable, doesn't give up easily under pressure.

    Whattayathink? <End Quote>

    We didn't receive a reply back in either case, so I guess our dog-naming suggestion fell flat... But, at least you'll know now what it means, if you hear one Turk refer to another as a "Çetin Çeviz."
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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