Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (A Woman Like That)
Erotic Turkish Film-stars: Zerrin Doğan, Zafir Seba (Zafir Saba/Sebah), Yılmaz Şahin, Levant Günsel
İngilizce Bilenler İçin Erotik Türk Filmleri - Erotic Turkish Movies for English-speakers
Erotik Türk Filmler (Turk Filmleri, Turk Filmi, Türk Film), Erotik Türkçe Filmleri

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Zafir Seba/Saba/Sebah
reveals her exquisite profile for
Yılmaz Şahin in Naki Yurter's...
Actors Zafir Seba (R) and Yılmaz Şahin (L) explore the depths of physical love in 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' written and directed by Naki Yurter in 1979
Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
(A Woman Like That)

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Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Erotik Türk Filmleri
Erotic Turkish movies of the nostalgiac 1970s

The 'Erotik' Films Archive of Turkey
Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
(A Woman Like That)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm masaj ürünü fırsatları için tıklayın !

Erotic Turkish Movies
Movie Poster Trivia:
  • Zafir Seba's alternate name spelling (Saba) is used
  • The poster should read Levent Günsel, not Levent Gürsel
  • Yılmaz Şahin (at left) is credited in the film itself, but not on this poster
  • Ergun Akerman is credited on this poster, but not in the film
    Movie Posters and Trivia: Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (A Woman Like That) -- The first 'gloves-off erotik' Turkish Movie
    Thanks to
    Türk Sinemasında Cinselliğin Tarihi

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    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    the leading male and female actors

    ... fleshing them out, so to speak.

    Kalfaoğlu Internet Services

    Turkish movie database firsts...

    As Turkish movie-database historian Agâh Özgüç148 rather shamefacedly tells us:

    "1979 was a year of several dubious Turkish film-making 'firsts' -- topped, if you will, by the appearance of sensual film-star (and inveterate busy-bee) Zerrin Egeliler... in no less than 37 soft-core 'erotik' movies. This certainly counts as one of the most bewildering statistics to be found in the entire Turkish movie archive -- and it must certainly be some kind of World Record. Actually 1979 was a year in which every kind of cheapness and crudity came to pass in the Turkish cinema. For example, of 195 movies that were completed in 1979, 131 of them were 'seks filmi' or 'seks komedisi'. And besides Zerrin Egeliler's record-setting 37 starring-role 'erotik'-film performances, Recep Filiz wrote 26 'erotik' screenplays that were turned into movies, and director Naki Yurter gave birth to 28 'erotik' films."

    One of those Naki Yurter films of 1979 was none other than Turkey's first no-holds-barred 'erotik' blockbuster Öyle Bir Kadın Ki -- arising from a screenplay by the aforementioned Recep Filiz, who also had a real-seks acting role in the film. Let's meet and learn some interesting (or significant) details about the leading male and female actors of 'A Woman Like That'...

    Zerrin Doğan -- Lead Female Actor
    Zerrin Doğan is
    'A Woman Like That'
    Movie Photo: Zerrin Doğan doing what comes naturally with Levent Günsel in 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' (A Woman Like That)

    Thanks to
    Gaye Film Productions
    It's necessary to draw a line under Zerrin Doğan's 1979 performance in Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (A Woman Like That). Before 'Woman', none of the top female 'erotik' Turkish movie-stars (like Mine Mutlu, Feri Cansel, Arzu Okay, and Zerrin Egeliler) actually performed 'real-seks' on camera. The aforementioned leading-ladies may have gotten into bed 'starkers' and they may have appeared to make love on camera but, it was all 'simulated-seks'. Zerrin Doğan broke that mold, as the first leading lady in the Turkish movie archive to do 'it' on camera, in plain view. And, from that time forward, actors in underwear, camera angle ruses, and simulated-seks... all but disappeared from Turkish 'erotik' films.

    Levent Günsel -- Lead Male Actor

    With only 7 movie credits in his complete (all 'erotik') filmography spanning just two years, Levent Günsel proved to be somewhat of a flash in the pan. On the other hand, he was the leading male actor in each of those films and played opposite all of the top female 'erotik' movie stars of his day...Dilber Ay (see movie photo, above left), Müge Güler, Meltem Işık -- not to mention Zerrin Doğan (previous entry) and Zafir Seba (next paragraph below). So his early departure from the movie-acting business may have been an own-choice.

    Levent Günsel
    The leading male actor

    Movie Photo: Levent Günsel is Zerrin Doğan's leading-man -- in 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' (A Woman Like That)

    Thanks to
    Gaye Film Productions

    Zafir Seba (Zafir Saba/Sebah) -- 2nd Lead Female Actor

    Discovered and signed to a 10 film contract after an 'erotik' films producer caught her act in a short bar-room movie-loop, Zafir Seba's career took off right away. With a total of 19 leading-lady or supporting actress roles to her credit between 1979 and 1989, she was the 2nd highest-paid 'erotik' filmstar during that era (just behind Zerrin Egeliler).

    Memorable Movie Quotes:
    Zafir Seba -- "If you remove the 'erotik' scenes, my movies are family-films."
    Memorable Movie Quotes: Zafir Seba (Saba) -- 'If you remove the 'erotik' scenes, my films are family-films.'

    Thanks to
    Gaye Film Productions
    After the stunning success of her first films won her a renegotiated contract -- Zafir Seba demanded and received 100,000 Old Turkish Lira per film. That was equivalent to about $10,000 per movie, at a time when per capita Turkish incomes were less than $1,000 a year. Zafir Seba has always claimed to be proud and happy with her 'erotik' movie performances -- some of which "were family films," as she was quoted as saying, "if you take out the 'erotik' scenes." Her favorite leading man was Hadi Çaman -- and, in another memorable movie quote, Zafir Seba said..."Hadi Çaman was from a real theatrical background, and we did 'it' 7 times for the filming of Aşk Penceresi. He was the consummate gentlemen off-camera -- and always loved helping others."

    Yılmaz Şahin -- 2nd Lead Male Actor

    Despite being awfully short, Yılmaz Şahin always got top billing (as 1st or 2nd leading-man) during his abbreviated career -- and he was one of director Naki Yurter's favorite supporting-male 'erotik' movie actors. In his brief movie career (which mostly took place in 1979) -- Yılmaz Şahin acted in 8 'erotik' movies/films for Naki Yurter [starting with Öyle Bir Kadın Ki -- (A Woman Like That)]. In his other films for Yurter, Yılmaz Şahin (like Levent Günsel, above) also enjoyed the cream of the crop of sensual leading ladies, playing opposite such 'erotik' stars as Dilber Ay, Meltem Işık, Zafir Seba (further above), and Arzu Okay. Yılmaz Şahin made no other films after 1979 -- seeming to disappear from public view after the arrest of his favorite Director, Naki Yurter, on pornography charges in 1980.

    Yılmaz Şahin makes love and kills with equal passion
    in 'A Woman Like That'.
    Movie Photo: Yılmaz Şahin makes love and kills with equal passion in 'Öyle Bir Kadın Ki' (A Woman Like That)

    Thanks to
    Gaye Film Productions

    Movie Trivia relating to 'A Woman Like That': There's only one comment by a Turkish site-visitor about Öyle Bir Kadın Ki at the Sinematurk.com website -- but it no doubt sums up the feelings of a lot of 'erotik' movie fans, "Bu filmleri nerden bulabiliriz? Yabancı filmlerdeki sarışın ruhsuz kadınları izlemekten bıktım. Artık samimi Türk filmleri izlemek istiyorum. Nolur, yardım edin." "Where can I find a commercial movie database of these nostalgic 'erotik' films? I'm fed up watching spiritless blonde bimbos in foreign movies. I want to see these down-to-earth Turkish 'erotik' films make a comeback. Can anyone help me out?"

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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