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Mountain Climbing

Mount Everest -- mountain climbing's peak achievement

First time ever! Mountain climbing team from Turkey set to ascend Mount Everest, March - June 2006

Mountain climbing team from Turkey will try ascent of Everest, March-June 2006

Mountain climbing team from Turkey tackles Mount Everest for first time ever. Dateline: 23 March 2006 -- The Turkish team, under sponsorship of Petrol Office, has left for Nepal on the first leg of its mountain climbing odyssey. The 11-person team, which will attempt to climb Everest's highest peak between 27 March and 10 June, started to prepare for the ascent months ago. The climb will take 75 days and reach 8,850 meters. Serhan Poçan, representing the mountain climbing team for Petrol Office, said, "We've already had success, even before the climb begins. Firstly, we've organized the first Turkish team to make the climbing attempt. Secondly, we've decided that at least one female member of the team will make the final ascent to Everest's Peak. And, once we start climbing that mountain, we'll measure every step to the top as a success for our country...

© Turkish Mountain Climbers

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