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Mothers Day Salutations --
three ways to make a mother happy in Ankara

Mother's Day -- almost the same everywhere you go...
Mothers Day
Thanks to Daryl Cagel at cagle.msnbc.com

Mothers Day Salutations to make a Turkish mother smile...

Whatever real cultural differences there may be among places like Ankara, Montreal, Tulsa, Dublin, Glasgow, Cardiff, London, Auckland, Brisbane, etc., they all share one thing in common -- the celebration of Mother's Day.

But in Ankara, sons and daughters can make a mother smile in 3 different ways...

Anneler gününüz kutlu olsun (Let your Mother's Day be celebrated). This one might be best for your new Mother-in-Law -- as it has a slightly higher tone to it than the other two below.

Anneler gününü kutlarım (I celebrate your Mother's Day).

Mutlu Anneler günü (Happy Mother's Day).

  • 3 Male Voice Recordings of the above
  • 3 Female Voice Recordings of the above

    In any case, they all translate to "Happy Mother's Day" in English.

    And here's another one for you...that comes as a result of a suggestion from site-visitor Jaq Tan, which is also suitable for a Mother's Day Greeting Card...

    Canım Anneme...Harika bir insan olduğun için teşekkür ederim. Sağlık ve sevgi dolu bir hayat dilerim. Daima sevgiler. (To my dear Mother...Thank you for being a wonderful person. May you be blessed for life with good health and love. With love always...)

    Click following to make your own request for additional voice recordings for Happy Mothers Day Salutations (in authentic male - female voices)...

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