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Modern Turkish Culture
is like Western culture in many ways...

Dicle Güner is a thoroughly modern Turkish girl!

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Sunnet (Sünnet)
Modern Turkish Culture

Cultural Beliefs About Circumcision in Turkey

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Is it just cultural thing?
To snip or not to snip...
Circumcision -- controversial again
Thanks to Robert Neubecker for his illustration
appearing in the circumcision article by Emily Bazelon
in Slate Online Magazine (www.slate.com)
23 Aug 2005

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    Turkish Cultural Beliefs about Circumcision --
    and Westerners

    Modern-day Turks are strong believers in the practice of sünnet -- even as their cultural attitude on Ceremonial Circumcision is undergoing reform (at least in the big cities). But there's a curious cultural belief that is still held by many Turks -- about Christians and Westerners.

    It's the belief that none of us males are circumcised.

    For example, my best friend Taşkın, a well-educated pharmacist, was astonished to learn that I was circumcised -- and when he also learned that the operation had been performed at birth, he could barely hide his shock.

    He'd always been taught that Christians/Westerners didn't believe in circumcision. As a matter of fact (he explained to me), one way a Turkish Muslim might speak disparagingly about a Christian/Western male would be to say, 'He is un-circumcised'... And, because Taşkın had observed un-circumcised males in old German 'seks films', he had been convinced that all Europeans/Christians/Westerners were alike in that regard...

    I'm not going to tell you what Peri said the first time she saw me in-the-buff (except for the 'Wow' that softly escaped her lips) -- but if you'll join us for Part 2 tomorrow, I will describe what happened at the last Turkish circumcision ceremony I attended in Gümüldür. :^)


    Posted by Gwynfor | December 22, 2009

    Circumcision of minors is barbaric and totally wrong, unless for a real medical reason, which is rare. It does not prevent STDs, only behaviour does that. Contrary to one reply, circumcision rates are declining in the USA, and it is rare among Europeans except for Jews and Muslims. Make a stand for freedom from the mutilation of young boys, think for yourself, not from the superstitions of days gone by. Circumcision is done for one reason alone, to make intercourse less satisfying, this is admitted by both Muslim and Jewish authorities.
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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