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Mine Mutlu'nun Erotik Filmler (Mine Mutlu's Erotic Films): Elma Şekeri, Beş Tavuk Bir Horoz, Olmaz Böyle Şey, Civciv Çıkacak Kuş Çıkacak

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Türk Filmi
Mine Mutlu starred in the
Türk film -- Mine Mutlu runs through streets of Istanbul in erotik film 'Elma Şekeri'
1975 Erotik Turkish Film
'Elma Şekeri' (Apple Sugar)
with Ali Poyrazoğlu

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Erotic Turkish Movies and Films
for English-speakers

Erotic Turkish movie-stars of yesteryear
Mine Mutlu
Sex (Türk Seks) in the Turkish Cinema (Türk Sinema)

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Eski Türk Filmleri
(Old Turkish Movies)
Sinemada Türk Seks
(Sex in the Turkish Cinema)

'Erotik' Türk Sinema
(Erotic Turkish Cinema)
The Players -- Actress Mine Mutlu

The Short Unhappy Life of
Mine Mutlu

Leaving the Türk Sinema (Turkish Cinema) behind...

Mine Mutlu never felt comfortable singing in front of audiences who soon began referring to the former Türk Seks Film Star by the name of Mine Butlu (Big Rump Mine), and she floundered -- both professionally and personally. She tried marriage in 1978, but it only lasted a year. That led to a live-in arrangement with Ünal Çulha, which produced two children -- a son, Çağkan, in 1985 and a daughter, Büşra, in 1988.

These days Mine Mutlu's son
Çağkan Çulha
woos a 'Beginner Witch' on Turkish TV.

Mine Mutlu's son: Çağkan Çulha woos a 'Beginner Witch' these days in a Turkish Television series.
Thanks to Pınar Yılmazerler
Hürriyet Gazetesi
7 May 2007
In 2006, Mine Mutlu's son, Çağkan Çulha, began his own show business career in a starring role on the top-rated Acemi Cadı (Beginner Witch), a teenage TV sitcom somewhat reminiscent of the 'Tabitha' character in the popular TV sitcom Bewitched (starring Elizabeth Montgomery) -- which aired so successfully on US Television during the 1964-1972 seasons. It's reported that the hardworking young Çağkan landed the part on his own, without help from anyone. In this TV clip (a 1.9MB Windows Media Video .WMV file), Çağkan Çulha 'bills and coos' with his TV girlfriend, the ingenue Merve Boluğur, who plays the lead in Beginner Witch.

Mine Mutlu's Demise

Shortly after her daughter's birth in 1988, Mine Mutlu was diagnosed with breast cancer and after struggling bravely but vainly against the disease, she passed away on 30 September 1990 at the age of 42 -- barely able to survive her first movie director Yılmaz Güney (d. 1984, of stomach cancer) and one of her first 'erotik'-film co-stars Alev Altın (d. 1987, also of breast cancer), by a few troubled years.
Ali Poyrazoğlu is Mine Mutlu's Svengali
until he falls for her... hook, line, and sinker
in the 1975 Turk Film: 'Elma Şekeri' (Apple Sugar)

Türk Filmleri -- Ali Poyrazoğlu (Poyrazoglu) falls in love with his protege Mine Mutlu in 'Elma Şekeri', a Türk film from 1975.

A Türk Film colleague pays respects...

Upon learning of her death, her friend and erotik film collaborator Ali Poyrazoğlu (by then a main-stream actor, director, producer) had this simple poignant statement to make about Mine Mutlu. "We acted in several Türk filmleri (Turkish Movies) together, some of which I directed. Now tell me, what was Mine Mutlu's sin?" In this film clip from Elma Şekeri (a 5.9MB Windows Media Video .WMV file), the Svengali-like Ali comic-cruelly exploits his appreciative protégé Mine, whom he has 'made over' from a poor lowly village girl. But, as the clip ends we see that his selfish ways are softening.

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