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Young Seda Sayan
once posed in the buff
for Playmen Magazine.
Seda Sayan posed in the buff for Playmen Magazine as a teenager.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Turkish movies, Türk filmleri

Seda Sayan
The romantically inclined superstar
wins the Golden Buttefly award
for 'Best Talk Show Host'
in 2006

Seda Sayan -- The much-married superstar wins coveted Golden Buttefly award, 2006.

Seda Sayan --
often romantically linked
(and also much-married) superstar
Turkish Time Tunnel
1985 and 2005

Seda Sayan... often romantically linked (and also much-married) Sayan is argueably Turkey's most popular entertainer -- Turkish Time Tunnel, 1985 and 2005

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Media Names Seda Sayan --
Turkey's #1 Entertainer

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm içecek fırsatları için tıklayın !

The Top 20 Turkish Entertainers of 2006
The winner is Seda Sayan!
Thanks to Hürriyet Gazetesi -- 17 July 2006

It's Seda Sayan!

Now visiting the United States with boyfriend Nihat Doğan, Arabesque Singer and TV Variety-show Hostess Seda Sayan swept her competition yesterday to become the Turkish Media's "Entertainer of the Year".
The winner is Seda Sayan!

That's according to media-monitoring statistics developed by Ajans Press -- a Turkish-owned international media-watch research company based in Istanbul. The statistics reflect counts of celebrity 'mentionings' found in 1,863 Turkish magazines and newspapers -- published at the national, regional, and local levels. And they are used by Ajans Press in the preparation of its 'Annual Most-mentioned Turkish Entertainers' List -- which was released yesterday.

According to Ajan Press's data, Seda Sayan, who placed 19th in the same 'poll' last year, is first by a mile so far this year -- with a record count of 4,307 major media-mentionings from January through June 2006. Click following for a sampling (1.5MB MP3) of one Seda Hanım's rousing Arabesque vocals, 'Evleneceksen, gel' (If you'll marry, come) -- in which a previously-broken-hearted Seda warns off her former lover, unless his intentions are honorable this time...

All-round entertainer Hülya Avşar (who maintained her usual strong showing) placed second with 3,727 mentionings and Sezen Aksu (the "Queen of Turkish Pop") was third with 2,727.

Turkish male entertainers finally showed up in the 'voting' in the form of Cem Yılmaz (the comedic actor who succeeds in getting press coverage no matter what he does) -- as he took fourth place with 2,558 media-mentions. Pop-singing idol Tarkan was 5th with 2,341 -- followed by squeeky-voiced Pop Singer and TV Variety-show Host Ibrahim Tatlıses in 6th place at 1,888.

Garnering 1,656 press-mentionings, Mehmet Ali Erbil (whose Game and Variety Show was cancelled after his scandalous 'full exposure' blooper on LIVE Turkish Televison) came in 7th -- either in spite of or because of the scandal.

And, click the chart above for the complete list of Turkey's Top 20 Highest Profile Entertainers/Performers -- based on the number of their media mentionings during the first half of 2006.
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Posted by Tara | August 27, 2006

Hello, My name is Tara from Iran. I am Seda Sayan's fan since 1997. I love her so much. I had a trip to Istanbul this summer and I was looking forward to her concert but unfortunately there were not even one! I really believe in her talent of performing, She is a great actress, great hostess, great singer. What else? She is so pretty. Her eyes are really charming and so are her lips. Actually I love everything about her!! I just wonder a little about her private life... in fact, more than a little. She is amazing in everything I guess. Her life (in fact I know just a little about her life cuz I do not have too much free time) is a kind of action story. If I were her, I would write that story! I love her sooo and thankz. And no more to say.

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