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Ebru Destan --
Turkish Actress, Singer, Model

Famous Turks Series -- Actress, Singer, Model Ebru Destan...
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Mature Foreign Bride
from Sweden
What happened when Lena met the youngblood, Sait?

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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"The difference
in our ages poses
no problem at all,"

says the Turkish groom, Sait Karakuş

Mature Foreign Bride from Sweden
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Thanks to
Sözcü Gazetesi
9 November 2007

A Mature Foreign Swedish Bride
The Scandinavians are coming! The Scandinavians are coming!

We posted our first 'Foreign Bride' page (introducing the mature British bride, Jen, and her 22-year-old Turkish groom, Ibo, who met and fell in love in Didim) in the summer of 2006 -- and it seemed to strike a romantic chord with LPT site visitors. Since then, thousands of LPT romantics have taken the time to visit 'The Jen and Ibo' page to learn the couple's story -- causing it to be consistently ranked in the top 100 of our most popular web pages. (As of yesterday, Jen and Ibo's story ranked as the 87th most popular page on our website, ever -- which is no 'small potatoes' when you consider that the LPT website now fills up more than 815 total pages, going back to 1996!)

At any rate, we've sometimes wondered if readers have the impression (based on the Jen and Ibo article) that the British hold a patent on September-Bride, May-Groom relationships in Turkey. Because... that's certainly not the case, as you can plainly see by the news-item at upper right -- which reveals, for example, a potent Scandinavian connection that's alive and well in Antalya, in this instance. Let's have a look at what happened there...

[We haven't any 'insightful' observations to share with you about the virtues of Swedish women in this article (as we did in the previous one about their British counterparts). That's because our past experience with Swedish women has consisted of a string of woulda, coulda, shoulda non-events. On a brighter note...where Scandinavian women are concerned, memories of Danes still haunt our reveries...]

The Mature Swedish Bride and the Youngblood Turkish Groom in Antalya
translated from Sözcü Gazetesi, 9 November 2007

A 48-year-old Swedish woman married a 26 year-old Turkish youngblood yesterday in the city of Alanya, province of Antalya. The Turkish groom Sait Karakuş and the Swedish bride Lena Marina Nilsson were married in a ceremony conducted at Alanya Belediyesi's marriage office/bureau. Karakuş (who met Nilsson at a family wedding about 10 months ago) said that Nilsson decided to become a Muslim after they got to know each other, and that she has now changed her first name to Meryem (which is the more Islamic name for The Virgin Mary).

[We confess to being just a leeetle curious about the 48-year-old Nilsson's reason for choosing the 'Virgin Mary' moniker, as part of her Islamic conversion decision. Was the name-choice a signal to everyone that she intends a brand new start in life? Or was it just a mature woman's seksi private joke? Nevvvvvermind... To each his own, we say -- and send our hearty best wishes to the new bride and groom for a lusty, happy, bountiful, and long-lasting married life...]
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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