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Acclaimed as the "Sexiest Hotel in the World"
The 'Adam and Eve' Hotel in Antalya, Turkey is openly sex-friendly, but is it the world's sexiest hotel?
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Luxury Beach Hotels of the Turkish Mediterranean
The Sexiest Hotel in World --
Part 2, Conclusion

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Ads by HepsiBurada
The Adam & Eve Hotel
Wall-to-wall mirrors might reveal
more of your physical appearance
than you'd like to see...
Chubby Adam and Eve
Painting by Fernando Botero

Newspaper columnist's first-hand impressions...
The Adam & Eve Hotel
located in the Belek Region of Antalya, Turkey

Continuing where he left off, Hürriyet human-interest writer Onur Baştürk opines about the Top 6 Features of the Antalya 'Adam and Eve Hotel' (which has been dubbed this year's 'Sexiest Hotel in the World')...

[Paraphrased Quote]

1) On each floor, the hallway leading to the individual rooms is black from end to end. This is suitable to the lighting -- which is beyond dim, almost dark. I have the feeling that I'm walking in a space ship. I wonder when I'll bump into Captain Kirk -- or the pointy eared Mr. Spock...

2) Let's get to the standard sized room...It's large, 64 square meters. Everything is completely white and mirrors play a leading role. Their are two beds. One normal, the other a massage bed (no doubt based on an idea from the Karma Sutra).

A Clean Red-Lighted Place
Luxury Hotel -- Adam and Eve
Click for enlargement!

3) The initial fun of the room is the illumination system. For this you have a remote control. It's numbered 1-8 ... so that you can vary the light colors. For example, when you press Number 2 the room becomes dark red -- press number 5 and you get blue-green. I guess the idea is, 'choose your love-making color for increased stimulation'. Only I don't think that very erotic. But, what do I know...Different strokes for different folks.

4) Actually the Adam and Eve Hotel is a bigger and fancier version of the Hillside Su Hotel. Which makes sense since both hotels were designed by the same architect, Eren Talu -- who has only made a few additions to the Hillside Su concept (of minimalist white with mirrors) in his design of the Adam and Eve.

For example, at the entrance to the Hillside Su Hotel there are giant disco balls. Under the balls are white sitting-beds.

At the Adam and Eve Hotel there is a similar area. Of course, it's bigger, fancier, higher -- more impressive. There's a bar placed in the middle, with sitting-beds lined up along-side it. Instead of hanging disco balls there's a more elaborate construction. Pieces of glass shaped into a disco ball shape have been glued to the ceiling, It's rumored that the job of gluing the 4 million small pieces of glass to the ceiling caused the workers to have psychological problems.

5) It's going to take a little time for the Adam & Eve (which cost $100,000,000 to build and for which $3,000,000 has already been spent on advertising) to get up and running properly. For example, there aren't enough service personnel. Service is always slow. And if you say something like, "I'd like a latte," to a waiter, he's liable to reply, "What's that?"

Mirrors with
a room on the side

Luxury Hotel -- Adam and Eve
Click for enlargement!

6) If you want to know if this hotel is really sexy, here's what I'd say...If you are an Adam who is comfortable with your physical appearance, and your Eve is comfortable with hers too, then the hotel is definitely sexy. Because there are mirrors everywhere, from floor to ceiling. But, for my money the sexiest spot in the place is the room's private spa. After a night of disco dancing, to indulge with your partner there is really superb.

[End Paraphrased Quote]

With prices of rooms starting at $247 (GBP 132, 196 Euro) a night for you and your partner (for a minimum of 2 nights), the Adam and Eve may not be everyone's idea of 'The Sexiest Hotel in the World' -- unless you really get off on mirrors and colored lights. Still, the idea of a private spa in every room is an interesting twist...
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Ads by HepsiBurada

In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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