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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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The Complete Dictionary of
Essential Turkish Suffixes
(postpositions, prefixes,
particles and buffers)
Turkish Learning Books for English-speakers

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Learn Turkish Books - Essential Turkish Suffixes Book

Learn Turkish Suffixes
book description page

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Turkish language-learning books
There's a treasure chest of
Turkish language-learning inside this book...

Learn Turkish Suffixes Book

The Complete Dictionary of
Essential Turkish Suffixes
(postpositions, prefixes, particles and buffers)

The Best of Learning Practical Turkish -- Volume 3
280 pages

Turkish Suffixes (and their cousins) --
the glue that binds Turkish expression

Table of Contents
(Number of Pages -- 280 in total)
  • Introductory Information (4)
  • The Essential Turkish Suffixes, alphabetic order (195)
  • Supplement A -- Verb Tense Suffixes (6)
  • Supplement B -- Participle Suffixes (28)
  • Supplement C -- Case Suffixes (6)
  • Supplement D -- Personal Endings (6)
  • Supplement E -- Saying 'When' (8)
  • Supplement F -- Verbal Noun Suffixes (6)
  • Supplement G -- the '-den' suffix (8)
  • Supplement H -- 'Ki' Differences (4)
  • Etc. -- 'Miş' Understandings (4)
  • Supplement J -- Sources and Acknowledgements (5)
Turkish suffixes (along with their equally slippery cousins --
the Turkish postpositions, prefixes, particles and buffers) can,
as we've admitted elsewhere, cause English-speakers to seek solace in almost any nearby 'wet' bar.

That's because 'agglutination' (ie. joining multiple suffixes to make new words, phrases, and even sentences -- with nary a break between letters) is not natural to us English language-speakers; whereas in Turkish, it's as natural as breathing.

For example, according to the 'The Guinness Book of World Records' the longest unbroken word/sentence in the known world is Turkish: Çekoslovakyalılaştırabilemediklerimizlerdenmisiniz? -- a 50-letter word/sentence containing 12 suffixes that means: 'Are you in the group of persons that we couldn't Czechoslovakianize?' (To which we reply, "Please pass the Rakı.")

The point is that, no matter where you finally come to grips with the subject of Turkish suffixes (and their cousins), it's not going to be at a 'picnic in the park'. And, since we promise to be 'gentle'... it might as well be here!

Still (as we hope you'll agree), there will be 'joy in the morning'... eventually. Because as the Turkish suffixes (and their cousins) begin to align themselves logically in your mind, you'll start to feel the 'fun' of the language reemerging for you -- as it reveals its ancient secrets in the words of the people not of the textbooks!

Learn Turkish language

Another LPT print publication first! Jean Deny's famous quote is best translated as, "If you've learned the Turkish suffixes, you will have learned Turkish." Which is where we got the inspiration for our new 280-page pocket-sized reference-book, "The Complete Dictionary of Essential Turkish Suffixes (postpositions, prefixes, particles and buffers)". But, don't let the book's 'mouthful' of a title scare you off. In fact -- the book is really a dream come true for any sincere Turkish-language-learner.

Learn Turkish with Essential Turkish Suffixes paperback book
Turkish suffixes can make for a heavy load...

The book's purpose is to bring together all those nerve-rattling Turkish agglutinations -- into a single easy-access reference lexicon -- jam-packed throughout with illustrative usage examples in modern Turkish. And, in so doing, the book will provide you the instant help you need to extract the 'real and complete' meaning of even the most tangled Turkish words, phrases, clauses, or sentences. It's just what the language-doctor ordered.

"The Complete Dictionary of Essential Turkish Suffixes, etc." is intended to meet the everyday needs of Beginners and Intermediate learners of the Turkish language. So, it's completely cross-referenced for easy navigation.

Learn Turkish Books
...unless your 'Personal Turkish Endings' are in good order.

When the Internet (or our CD) just aren't practical, you can take this book with you wherever you go -- ideally sized for your shirt, blouse, or back pocket. With a new, sturdier binding...
Make your purchase now...
Only $12.95 (£7.80 or Euro 11.25) for our Essential Turkish Suffixes, etc. Dictionary sold separately.
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Learn Turkish language

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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