Cinsellik Rapor #5 - Turkish Sexuality Survey #5
Türk Cinsellik, Sex in Turkey, Cinsel İlişkiler
Turkish Sexuality, Turkish Sex Turnons, Turkish Love, Turkish Love-Making, Seks (Sex), Cinsel, Cinsellik

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Türk Cinsellik Rapor
Leyla Sayar played
Sexy actress Leyla Sayar -- was a key figure during 'The Age of the Vamp' in Turkish Cinema History (1950s - 1960s)
seksi vamps with abandon...

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Türk Cinsellik - Turkish Sex - Cinsel İlişkiler - Turkish Sexuality
Romance, Love, and Sex Matters
in Turkey

The Turkish 'Kinsey Report'
-- Part 5 of a Series --

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm diğer müzik fırsatları için tıklayın !

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Türk Cinsel İlişkiler
Did she start this... or did he?
Sexuality Survey of Turkey 2005 -- Both in the mood for love
Thanks to
Hürriyet's 2005 Sexuality Survey
Storm by Nimbus

Türk Cinsel İlişkiler Raporu
The Turkish 'Kinsey Report'

Turkish Sexuality Survey Question --
'Among Turkish couples, who initiates making whoopee -- male or female?'
The Hürriyet Sexuality Survey of 2005
Does she or does he?
Sexuality Survey of Turkey 2005 -- Both in the mood for love

Her ilişkimde ben başlatırım...
"I always initiate whoopie," say:
  • 2.9% of Turkish women
  • 21.9% of Turkish men

Çoğunda ben başlatırım...
"I usually initiate whoopie," say:
  • 10.9% of Turkish women
  • 61.8% of Turkish men

Nadiren ben başlatırım...
"I rarely initiate whoopie," say:
  • 45.3% of Turkish women
  • 8.3% of Turkish men

Ben hiç cinsel ilişkiyi başlatan taraf olmam...
"I never initiate whoopie," say:
  • 31.7% of the women
  • 2.3% of the men

Cevap yok/Cevap vermek istemedi...
No answer given/Didn't want to answer:
  • 9.1% of the women
  • 5.7% of the men

Controversial writer
Elif Şafak...
Turkish Sexuality Survey uncovers two surprising results
...on the cause of
Turkish sexuality anomalies
There are a number of anomalies arising from these Turkish sexuality questions/answers... For example, the seemingly tiny 2.9 percentage of Turkish women who 'always' initiated whoopie grew substantially (to 10.9%) when the question was broadened to 'most of the time'.

In a follow-up question, "Are you pleased with your physical relations?" Turkish men and women appeared to be on an equal (uninspiring) par, relatively speaking -- 53.8% of men and 43.8% of women gave a "yes" answer to the question. But, in a follow-up to the follow-up...a full one third of those same women said they never or almost never experienced la petite mort. And, suprisingly (astonishingly?) nearly 10% of their men gave the same answer --- that they never or almost never experienced it either!

Further, 18.9% of women indicated that they never felt physical desire. On a barely brighter note, about half the women in the survey (47.8%) said they were 'somewhat' aware of their own physical desires.

On the question of physical confidence, men polled higher by far than the women -- 81.5% of men were confident of their performance in whoopie, only about 50% of the women held a similar belief of their own performance abilities.

En Inanan, Az Inanan
Most and least confident

From the standpoint of geographical location, Turks of the Istanbul and Marmara regions topped the list of those claiming to be most physically confident, with 68.5 per cent. Also, high percentages of well-to-do Turks (71.3%) and 'Liberal' Turks (74.4%) made similar claims. By comparison only 53.6% of Turkish 'Moderates' and 55.4% of Turkish 'Conservatives' felt confident of their whoopie performance.

En Doyumlu, Az Doyumlu
Most and Least Satisfied -- Two surprises

The high-percentage 'performance claims' in the previous paragraph may need to be taken with a grain of salt... Because the survey surprisingly revealed that women of the troubled Southeast of Turkey (Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, etc.) had the highest reported incidence of la petite mort -- 63.7%. (Could the high anxiety of daily life heighten the intensity of their passion?) By comparison, the reported incidence of la petite mort in city-dwelling western women was just 41.2%.

The survey revealed another, related surprise -- that the geographical location of the lowest incidence of female la petite mort was the Ege region (encompassing Izmir), where one of Turkey's most 'progressive' and 'modern' populations lives. A full 18% of Egeli women said they 'never have la petite mort' -- and another 33% said they only occasionally did.

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