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New Links

  • Turkish Love -- a romantic forum for English-speakers
  • For all your Turkish or English web design and hosting needs --
    10 years experience, headquartered in Turkey, with fast servers around the world.
    In fact, it hosts this busy web site too!
  • Let 'Bona Fide' Historians Decide Historical Questions --
    Help End Turkish-Defamation Legislation Worldwide

    (It'll take you about 5 minutes.)
  • English Girlfriends of Turkish Men -- For ladies who have met a certain someone in Turkey
  • International jobs -- For job search at international organizations.
  • Raif Yazıcı -- our neighbor, the Fine Turkish Artist...
  • Hyperality Hosting -- For all your hosting needs from San Francisco to Timbuktu (talk with Steven Crowley)...
  • Serebella -- 'Real Information' website, that likes our Ottoman detective, Habibullah (see their Historical Mysteries section)
  • Turkish Fonts -- for your Mac computer
  • End of 'New Links'

    Resources -- General

    Currency Converter

    ara-bul Ara-Bul -- try this super Turkish WWW Search Engine, dedicated exclusively to Turkish-related sites (in all countries)

    The OpenHere Search Engine -- that kindly chose to highlight our Habibullah historical detective/mystery stories...

    A New Kind of Search Engine -- Find Websites on the zoomable MapPlanet. Can you find the Learning Practical Turkish website?

    Icon Bazaar -- Thanks to Randy and Christopher Ralph for many of the great looking divider bars displayed on our site

    HTML Tutorials -- A to Z technical support for your own website needs...

    Resources -- strictly language related

  • The UK School Zone, which describes our website as "the key resource for anyone learning the Turkish language."

  • Turkish language classes at Michigan State University
  • Learn Russian -- a Russian Language Course and a two-way Russian Dictionary
  • Book reviews, in Turkish -- all non-fiction subjects (Webmastered by our own site-contributor Yankı Sungar)
  • Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative at Texas Tech U. -- you'll need Adobe Acrobat when you visit
  • TrFonts -- for fancy Turkish font-related downloads...
  • Tömer Language School Website
  • Ohio State's Turkish Language Studies Program -- offering language study books for sale
  • The Imagins Website -- offering a dictionary of the Turkic Language dialects
  • Dictionaries and Word Search Engines with Turkish-English components
  • Princeton University Turkish language tutor site
  • First Step World -- Certified language immersion programs around the world, for Spanish, Italian, French, Greek, and more!
  • Hooked on Phonics -- Supercharge your kid's school success with Hooked On Phonics program risk free for 30 days...

    Resources -- Accomodations and Real Estate (Hotels, Pensions, Summer rentals, properties, etc.)

  • Building your own retirement home or vacation villa in Turkey -- a fun-to-read diary...
  • Artemis Guest House - Selcuk (Ephesus), Turkey - Travel Tips

    Turkish University Sites

    Bilkent University -- one of several all-English language Universities -- this one in Ankara, with excellent archives

    Middle East Technical University in Ankara -- Microsoft Mirror, UseNet hub, and more...

    Vacation, Travel, and General Cultural

    Luc Wouters presents! -- A super site for travel tips and information, photo albums, Turkish Language and culture...

    Azerbaijan International -- great source for things Azeri (and Turkic, by extension), with an emphasis on culture.

    American Turkish Council -- promoting good relations between the two countries...

    Darlene Finch's Blue Voyage Travel

    US Government Advisory about driving in Turkey -- If it weren't so scary, it would be funny!

    Nasreddin Hoca, Akşehir -- Stories a'plenty in Turkish and English, thanks to Erol Abit from the Hoca's home territory.

    Colin Edward's Page -- Colin has *Freeware* for Turkish Learners of English, plus...

     "World Food -- Turkey" -- book for sale, for people who live to eat, drink, and travel...
    Our own collaborative (and definitive) work with Dani Valent on the yummy subject of Turkish nosh, published by Lonely Planet Publications. Found at Amazon.com in the USA or in the UK. Atatürk -- Homage to Turkey's George Washington

    A library of Turkish proverbs

    MusicMehmet Göktürk's large archive of Turkish Music (and Comedy) files

    Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs -- Has a ton of free Turkish Fonts, plus much, much more...

    London City -- our absolute favorite city of the 60s and 70s...

    Intelligent Romance -- provides romantic suggestions for special occasions.

  • Informational sites about Islam

    Turkish Language Radio Days...
    featuring RealAudio Sound!

    [Note: Some of these sites don't operate round the clock,
    and some don't have a wide Internet bandwidth, so
    if at first you don't succeed...]

    Deutsch Welle Radio -- News in Turkish (Click on "Türkçe radyo yayinimiz" or the Blue n' White icon).

    America's First "Commercial" Turkish Radio Station -- It's open now!

    Capital Radyo -- "Foreign" Pop Music, Turkish DJs (Click on the animated red disk...)

    Site that highlights Turkish radio sites

    JetAudio voice and music player, and radio -- Frrreee, and recommended!


    Learn Turkish with Redhous Dicionaries
    Redhouse Dictionaries -- the best Turkish-English-Turkish dictionaries available, on earth.

    HepsiBurada.com -- Hürriyet Newspaper rates this the #1 all-round online buying service in Turkey

    IdeeFixe -- rated #2 by Hürriyet, this is our affilate online store in Turkey for a wide variety of great products (books, DVDs/CDs, electronics, etc.)

    Tulumba -- Store in the USA for a wide variety of Turkish products (books, DVDs/CDs, electronics, etc.)

    Pandora's Bookstore in Turkey -- a super Turkish book, tape, and CD buying service

    Remzi Kitabevi -- another excellent Turkish book buying service

    Amazon Books in the USA -- well-known WWW bookstore, with books on Turkish and Turkey

    Amazon Books in the UK -- well-known WWW bookstore, with books on Turkish and Turkey

    The Internet Bookshop -- another great WWW bookstore, almost 900,000 books available! Outstanding coverage of Islamic subjects

    Blackwell's Online -- "World's Finest Academic Bookseller"

    BBSTurk -- an excellent BBS in Izmir, Turkey with an English Language option -- 30-Day FREE Trial on request

    Sesemes.pl -- For your romantic cell/mobile phone needs in Poland | MP3 Ringtones | Screen Graphics. In Turkey, try us!

    Jobs international -- Job search at international organizations.

    Internet Service Providers in Turkey

    EgeNet -- Long-time Primary ISP for this site, friendly service, low prices, highly recommended.

    SuperOnline -- competitively priced, a former ISP for the LPT website, until service slipped...

    e-kolay.net -- a popular and reliable ISP

    IhlasNet -- operated by an Islamic-principled firm


    News Services

    Haber 34 -- Breaking Turkish News in Turkish

    Turkish Daily News -- Turkey's largest English language newspaper

    News about Turkey at home and abroad, in English

    Turkish news-desk at the Washington Post Newspaper

    Hürriyet Gazetesi -- a popular Turkish daily newspaper

    Sabah Gazetesi -- another popular Turkish daily newspaper

    Tombak Dergesi -- a popular Turkish history magazine

    Only *some* Turkish-related content, but excellent sites nonetheless...

    A Language Linguist's Site -- recently the Webmaster, Anthony, was featuring Türkçe...

    Reinhold Aman's Maledicta Press

    PedagoNet -- An innovative search engine that facilitates the exchange of learning resources


    Australian artist, Turkish themes -- we think you'll like Dion's stylish work as much as we do...

  • Learn Turkish language

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