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Essential Turkish Language

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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  • Türkçe -- İngilizce Sözlük
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    Examples, supplements, and explanations
    S (~36 entries)  
    -s-A Buffer Letter -- used for indirect 'possession' involving pronouns and with compound nouns. 
    • an hour
    • time of day
    • clock, watch, timepiece

    • Bir saatte altmış dakika var. There are 60 minutes in an hour.
    • Saat kaç? What time is it?
    • Saat kaçta? Saat beşte. At what time? At five o'clock.
    • bir saat evvel, as soon as possible
    saçmanonsense, absurd, absurd remark
      Saçmalama! Don't talk nonsense!
    • saçma sapan konuşmak, to talk nonsense
    • saçmak, to scatter
    • saçma, scattering [verbal noun]
    sabahmorningSabahleyin erken kalkar mısınız? Do you get up early in the morning?
    • alive, living, heathy
    • right, on the right
    • sound, strong, solid
    • safe, reliable
    • sağlık, health
    • Sağlık olsun. Good health is more important than anything else.
      [lit.: Let there be health.]
    • Sağa bak! Eyes right!
    • Sağ ol.
      [Sağ olun/olunuz.]
      Thank you.
      Used among friends or good acquaintances -- it's the more informal (though frequently used) way to say 'thank you'.
    • sağduyu, common sense
    • Sağduyu kullan! Use common sense!
    • sağlama, providing, ensuring
    • sağlamak, to provide, to ensure
    saklamakto hide, to conceal 
    sanmakto think, believe 
    1. sarı çizmeli Mehmet Ağa, an unknown person, just anybody, a nobody
    2. sarımsı, sarımtırak, yellowish
    satmaksellsatın almak, to buy
    • Saygılarımla, Very Truly Yours [a letter sign off]
    • saymak, to count, to respect;
      • Kağıtlarınızı sayın. Count your cards.
      • Öğretmenini say! Respect your teacher!

    • Tam zamanındayım! I'm on time! Pek sayılmaz. Not quite [on time].
    -se, -sa if

    Also see eğer.
    As well as ise.

    İşin yolunda giderse padişahın kızını bile alırsın. If you just get going you can even marry the Sultan's daughter.
    seçme, seçişchoosing, selecting, choiceseçmek, to choose, to elect
    sen [seni, sana]you 
    serbestfree, open, unobstructed 
    serincoolKasım ayı serindir. November is a cool month.
    serthard, tough 
    sessound, noise, voiceses getirmek, to publicize
    sevmekto loveSeni seviyorum, I love you.
    sevgi, love
    seyretmekto view (television, for example) 
    sıcakhotTemmuz ayı sıcaktır. The month of July is hot.
    silahweaponsilahlar, weaponry
    nükleer silahlar, nuclear weapons
    -sin, -sın, -sun, -sün, -siniz, -sınız, -sunuz, -sünüzSuffixes meaning "You are"...Yorgunsun. You're tired.
    Yorgunsunuz. You're tired. [plural or formal]
    siyasapoliticssiyasi, political, politician
    siyasal, political
    siyaset, politics
    sizyou (plural or formal) 
    -siz/-sız/-süz/-suza suffix meaning 'without'acısız, painless (without pain)
    alkolsüz, non-alcoholic (without alcohol)
    benzersiz, unique (without similarity)
    duygusuz, unfeeling, insensitive (without feeling)
    soğukcoldŞubat ayı soğuktur. The month of February is cold.
    sokmakto insert in, to let in, [for an insect or snake] to bite 
    sonend, conclusion
    • Sokağın sonunda bir lokanta var. There's a restaurant at the end of the street.
    • son defa, the last time
    • son derece, extremely
    • son söz, the last word
    • sonsuz, endless, eternal
    • sonsuza dek/değin, eternally
    • sonsuza kadar, forever
    • (-den) sonra, after; İşten sonra eve gidiyorum. I'm going home after work.
    • sonrası, past
    • sonunda, finally, in the end, at the end
    • soru sormak, to ask; Yargıca bir soru sor. Ask the judge a question.
    • sorun, problem
    • sorumlu, responsible for
    • sorumluluk, responsibility
    1. to peel
    2. to undress
    3. to rob
    Koşun, hırsız bakkalı soymuş. Run get him, a thief is robbing the grocer.

    Learn Turkish Language -- sounds
    (Only on CD)

    sözpromise or remark, wordsöz vermek, to promise
    söylemekto say, tell, speak, singşarkı söylemek, to sing a song
    suwatersu gibi, just wonderful, really nice
    sürmekto drive, to go on, to take time
    • Ahmed her hafta İzmire kamyon sürer. Ahmed drives a truck to Izmir every week.
    • sürücü, driver
      (e.g., automobile driver or software driver)
    • sürekli, continual, continuous
    • sürekli olarak, continually, continuously
    • sürüklenmek, to be dragged, to drag on
    susamakto get or be thirstySusadım. I'm thirsty.

    süt annesi a wet nurse
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

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