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Identify this
Muammer Karaca -- Turkish character-actor played opposite Emel Aydan in 'Hızlım Benim' (My Fast One) 1975.
Famous Turk...
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Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Examples, supplements, and explanations
K (~35 entries)  
kabadayıLearn Practical Turkish Language color icon
  • swaggering, rough-and-ready fellow, tough guy
  • tough, gutsy; manly
  • swaggering
  • colloquial - the best (of anything)
  • Tarık Şimşek played a gun-toting kabadayı opposite Karaca Kaan
    in Olmaz Şimdi (It's Not Possible Now) --
    directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1979.
    Karaca Kaan has relations with a tough guy (Tarik Şimşek) in 'Olamaz Şimdi' (It's Not Possible Now) -- directed by Aram Gülyüz in 1979.
    kabul etmekto accept, to agree with someone's proposal 
    (-e) kadar
    1. as...as
    2. as much as, as far as
    3. up to, until
    1. ...fil kadar büyük as big as an elephant...
    2. O istediği kadar yaptı. She did as much as she wanted.
    3. Saat beşe kadar bekledi. She waited until five o'clock.
    4. See a kadar 'replacement'...
    • drinking glass, goblet, bowl, chalice
    • wineglass
    • cup, tumbler, pot
    • glass of alcohol drink (such as wine, whiskey, rakı)
    In the news: 4 March 2005...
    Women victims too -- Several women, who dined out at respectable local restaurants in Istanbul and Bursa last evening, fell ill after drinking what turned out to be counterfeit rakı -- stupidly made by incompetent crooks from deadly poisonous methyl alcohol (instead of the usual ethyl alcohol, which is non-poisonous in moderation). Of those women taken ill, three died -- bringing to 23 the total number of (male and female) deaths due to poisonous counterfeit rakı since midweek. Smuggled Bulgarian and 'non-poisonous' counterfeit Turkish rakı began appearing on the underground market as the tax on legal rakı (imposed by the teetotaling religious-right ruling AKP) continued to rise steadily after the AKP took power in 2003. And, up until now, the smuggled and non-poisonous counterfeit rakı has been enjoying a brisk and thriving trade. But, when the poisonous rakı 'batch' reached the market this past week, it began killing male victims at once -- and the counterfeit rakı market started coming to a screeching halt. At first, public reaction was of the 'I told you so' variety. But now, with these first reported female deaths from the poisonous rakı, public anger at responsible AKP party leaders (including Prime Minister Erdoğan) and at their 'sin taxation' policy is growing apace. Hürriyet Gazetesi (See mini photo-article at left.)


    (Only on CD/Broadband)

    paper, playing cardüçkağıtçıLearn Practical Turkish Language color icon

    (MP3 Format)

    a swindler, con man
    [a three-card-player]

    kalabalıkLearn Practical Turkish Language color icon

    (MP3 Format)

    crowd, crowdedBurası çok kalabalık.

    (Only on CD/Broadband)

    It's very crowded here.

    kalem 1. pencil
    2. pen
  • kurşun kalem; lead pencil
  • kalem açmak; sharpen a pencil
  • kaleminden kan damlamak; to write effectively and movingly (See more -- with example sentence on the 'K' Idioms page.)
    Also see illustrative cartoon below.

  • The Lout --
    a writer by trade?

    Learn Turkish Language -- Essential Turkish Language illustration
    Left click for cartoon enlargement and translation.

    Gözcü Gazetesi -- 15 July 2003


    speaker icon

    to remain, to stay in place
    • Şimdilik burada kalacağım.

      speaker icon

      I'll stay here for now.

    • Kalsın.

      speaker icon

      Let's leave it like that for now.

    • kala kala, only, no more than;

      speaker icon

      Gelmesine kala kala bir gün kaldı.

      speaker icon

      There's only one day left until he comes.

    • kaldı ki, moreover

      speaker icon

    • kalsa/kalırsa, if you ask me

      speaker icon

      speaker icon

    • Used with zorunda to form one of the past necessitative verb tenses; Dişçiye gitmek zorunda kaldın mı?

      speaker icon

      Did you have to go to the dentist?

    • kaldırmak, to lift

      speaker icon

    kamupublickamuoyu, public opinion
    kamuoyu yoklaması, opinion poll
    kapıdoor, gate
    • kapıcı -- an apartment-building caretaker, a caretaker of a residential building. His job is to keep the entrance and hallways clean, collect and dispose of the resident's trash, run small errands for residents, and perform general handyman work. In return he receives a modest salary -- and he and his family live rent-free in the building (usually in a basement flat). Also see kapıcı in the Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire.

    • The word kapı is used in numerous Turkish idioms, phrases, and compound word constructions, such as:
      • kapı açmak, to mention, to bring up
      • kapı gibi, strapping

    • kapama, closing, closure
    • kapamak, to close, shut
    • kapatmak, to close, shut, cover; Lütfen pencereyi kapatınız. Close the window, please.
    karaland or black
    • Bir balık karada yaşayamaz. A fish can't live on land.
    • O bir tamamen kara kedidir. That's a completely black cat.
    karardecisionkarar vermek, to make a decision
    kararlı, determined, resolute

    'Başkanı Bush çok kararlı'...
    'President Bush is very determined'...
    [a newspaper headline that appeared after the September 2001 terrorist attacks...]

    1. brother,
      sister, sibling, 'family member'
    2. an informal means of address... Sometimes used to quickly establish a personal tie between a petitioner and a petitionee, who may even be complete strangers.
    1. Merhaba, Susan. Bu benim kardeşim Marilee. Hi Susan. This is my sister Marilee.
    2. Kardeşim, yardım eder misin? Arabamda lastiğim patladı. Can you help me out, m'friend? The tire/tyre blew out on my car.
    • mixed, assorted
    • confused, disorganized
    • complicated, complex
    • adulterated, not pure
    [-la/-a] karışmak, to mix with, to get mixed up, to interfere, meddle in; Bir daha senin işine karışmam. I'll never meddle in your business again.
    karşıopposite, across from, against
    • A word which acts as the root of several interesting Turkish words...
    • Used in numerous Turkish idioms, phrases, and compound word constructions, such as:
      karşıdan karşıya, across
      karşısında, opposite
    kaybetmekto lose (something)kaybolmak, [for someone] to be lost
    kazaan accident 
    kazanmakto win, to earn 
    -(y)kenSuffix meaning while or when. The word iken is the stand-alone equivalent of the suffix.
    kendiselfClick following to learn more about kendi...
    kereSee explanation at tane... 
    kesmekto cutAşçı soğanı kesti. The cook cut the onion.
    keşkeA word (almost as redundant as eğer) used to reinforce the past conditional verb tense -- to express unfulfilled 'wish'.
    • Keşke gitmeseydi! If only he hadn't gone!
    • Click following for an example of a full verb conjugation featuring keşke.
    kezSee explanation at tane... 
    kırmızıred, the color 
    • kısaca, rather short, in short, briefly
    • kısacası, in a word, in brief
    kızdaughter, girl, virgin, maiden
    • Ansley James'in kızıdır. Ansley is James' daughter.
    • Note the following ambiguous sentences:
  • someone, anybody
  • no one, nobody (in a negative sentence)
  • kirdirt, filth
    • kirli, dirty, filthy;
      Fırın kirlidir. The oven is dirty.
    • kirli sepeti, dirty clothes basket/hamper
    kişiperson, human being 
    kolayeasyBu kolay bir sorudur. This is an easy question.
    Kolay gelsin. Let [your work] come easily.
    kolaylaştırmak, to make [something] easy, to facilitate
    konutopic, subject 
    konuşmaspeaking, talk, lecture, speechkonuşmak to speak, to talk, to discuss
    • korkmak, to fear; Siz köpeğimden korkar mısınız. Are you afraid of my dog?
    • korkutmak, to frighten
    korumakto protect, defendkoruyucu, guardian, protector
    koyunsheep (usually mature sheep) 
    kötübadBu ürün iyi mi, yoksa kötü mü? Is this product good or bad?
  • villager; peasant
  • person from the same village as oneself, a fellow villager

  • köylü kızı; (innocent) village girl
    kullanmakto usekullanılmış, second-hand, previously owned good(s)
    kuruluşestablishment, organizationkurmak, to establish
    kusurfault, defect, flawkusursuz, perfect
    Kusura bakma. I hope you'll pardon me; please overlook my shortcomings.
    kurtarmakto rescuekurtulmak, to escape
    kuzuyoung sheep (lamb)
    • Tarlada bir kuzu var. There's a lamb in the field.
    • kuzu gibi uysal, as gentle [docile] as a lamb
    küçüksmall, littleKızılırmakla Yeşilırmak Kara Denize, Büyük Menderesle Küçük Menderes Ege Denizine dökülür. The Kızılirmak [River] and the Yeşilirmak [River] spill into the Black Sea, and the Big and Small Menderes Rivers spill into the Aegean Sea.
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