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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Introduction to
"The 700 Club"
Essential Turkish Language

The headwords with related phrases,
suffixes (and prefixes, too!)

What is the 700 Club of Essential Turkish Language, anyway?

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

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  • The top 700 Turkish vocabulary head word entries --
    that we Turkish language-strugglers may want to know by heart!

    Overheard at the
    Buddy Hackett Center
    for the Linguistically-challenged

    through the paper-thin wall of the unisex  loo...

    Some friends asked me the other day what the
    most useful Turkish words were, Mabel...
    Did you tell'em about '
    şey', Marvin?
    The very first thing, m'dear...
    And what about 'var' and 'yok'...?
    Uh huh, I did that too...
    And, how about 'oui' and 'non'...?
    Now why would I tell 'em about two French words, Mabel...?
    Well, didn't ya' like the way the Beach Boys sang "Pom-pom-pom, Pom-pom-pee-doo" to the tune of  'Barbara Ann' --
    when they toured France back in the early 70's...

    Weell yeaaah, I did.
    Georges Pompidou was French Prime Minister back then --
    and the frenchies just 'ate it up'. But...

    And didn't Pompidou's merry-widow auntie have a Turkish sugar-daddy, at the time? To whom she often said evet -- and rarely said hayır...?
    Wull, uh...Now that you mention it...
    So, if Pompidou's auntie knew some Turkish,
    do you think it's too much to ask...for your friends to know some French?
    Wull, uh...I never thought about it that way before, Mabel...
    You need to get more in touch with your feminine side, Marvin.
    My what...?

    The Top 700 'must-know'
    Turkish vocabulary head-words,
    phrases, and suffixes (and prefixes too)...

    If we learn these by heart, we're off and running towards, er, inComplete Turkish inFluency.
    We gotta try, don't we?
    The following essential words list is based in part on the
    Voice of America "Special English" Basic Vocabulary List
    that Martin Larsen kindly brought to our attention.
    (You can see the complete 'Special English' list at the VOA Website...)
    However, if you take the time to compare that list against ours,
    you'll notice two things about our list.
    Firstly, ours is shorter --
    we only include (approximately) 700 "Head Words" here.
    That seems a manageable number to us --
    providing 'good value' without being too heavy a burden.
    [You'll find 1500 'Head Words' at VOA.]
    Moreover, it forces us to be more selective.
    It makes us choose only those head-words that
    folks really use in Turkish-speaking settings.
    And too, it requires that we exclude
    'nice to know' or 'flavor of the month'
    or 'politically correct', or 'obvious' words, phrases, etc.
    For example,
    we reckon you'll understand that banka in Turkish means
    bank in English.
    So we don't include it on our list --
    even though it's an essential word in daily Turkish life...

    Secondly, we include words on our list that
    are not included on the VOA list.
    We do that because Turks express themselves
    in ways that are not neatly confined
    to words on any English-language list of this sort.
    (We delve a little deeper into that subject on
    our Expressing Yourself in Turkish page...)

    For example,
    you won't hear a naturally polite Turkish gentleman
    say merhaba; hello when answering the telephone.
    Instead you'll hear him say 'Efendim'
    (which is the English-equivalent of 'My master')...
    So, although you won't find
    anything remotely similar on the VOA list,
    the word Efendim finds a comfortable spot
    on our Top 700 list...
    An essential Turkish head-words list, we feel, needs to contain
    the terms you'll actually hear (and that you'll want to use yourself)
    in conversations with Turkish speakers --
    if you want to understand and be understood, that is ...

    A final point about our essential head-words list...
    If your circumstances dictate or
    if you prefer reading Turkish language materials before
    venturing bravely into conversation --
    then this list is for you, too.
    Some of us, it seems,
    are still a leetle intimidated by the speedy-speech
    of the rapid-fire vendors we meet in the Turkish bazaar or
    by the glib TV commentators we see on Turkish telly.
    So, we solemly pledge that, with our list in tow,
    you'll be able to brush up your Turkish in private,
    long before you need appear on stage for your Turkish 'orals'.
    Just get yourself a copy of
    a Turkish newspaper like Sabah or Hürriyet
    or a Turkish magazine like Aktüel or Tombak --
    and have a go...
    It can be fun, and it can do wonders for your
    translator's confidence --
    as you massage the correct meaning from the subject matter.

    Having said all that, we realize that
    any list of essential words has short-comings --
    mostly because it reflects
    the opinionated personal experiences of the list-maker.
    Our list suffers from this fault we know,
    and we apologize in advance...

    Shall we move forward then?
    Just pick a favorite starting letter below --
    and begin...
    [A] [B] [C] [Ç] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [İ] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [Ö] [P] [R] [S] [Ş] [T] [U] [Ü] [V] [Y] [Z]
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  • In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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