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The Plain English Meanings of
Turkish Idioms

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  • We know you've seen reference books written for
    English speakers about English and American Idioms.
    And you may have seen books for Turkish speakers on the same subject.
    You may even have seen books for
    Turkish speakers about Turkish Idioms -- all in Turkish.
    But have you ever seen
    a reference for English speakers about Turkish Idioms?
    Well, when we couldn't find one after looking for seven years,
    we decided to do-it-ourselves.
    Observe our sampling just for Turkish idioms that begin
    with the letter


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    Turkish Idioms beginning with the letter N

    The Turkish

    The Literal English Meaning The 'Plain' English Meaning Comments and Examples
    nabzına göre (şerbet vermek) to give sherbet (according to the pulse)
  • to treat (sb) in a way that's intended to please (him/her)
  • to act in a way calculated to gain sb's affection (appreciation, admiration)
  • to be two-faced
    Symbolic Hair
    Now you see it now you don't...

    Left click for image enlargement
    and further information.
  • Fatma hanım, herkesin nabzına göre şerbet verir. Bu sebeple insanlar onu çok severler.102 Lady Fatma treats everyone in a way that will please them. That's why people like her.
  • AKP hükümetinde bazı bakan eşlerinin türbanlı, bazılarının türbansız olması, yurtdışından gelen konukların ağırlanmasında 'nabza göre protokol' olanağına da kapı aralıyor. The AKP government leaves the door ajar to the possibility of a 'protocol that is calculated to please' when entertaining foreign guests (guests who come from outside the country) -- sometimes they use minister's wives who wear [religiously-symbolic hair-covering] turbans, sometimes they use minister's wives who don't wear [religiously-symbolic hair-covering] turbans [to greet the visiting foreign dignitaries' wives]. Hürriyet Gazetesi, 9 January 2004 (See photo at left.)
  • Ne 
    ne oldum delisi olmakwhat I became to be crazy(for someone whom fortune has smiled on) to start to think he's/she's something specialZenginleşince ne oldum delisi oldu. When he became rich, he thought he really was something else.
    ne olur ne olmazwhat it becomes, what it won't becomejust in caseNe olur, ne olmaz; yanımıza fazla para alalım. Just in case, let's take extra money with us.
    ne olursa olsunwhat if be, let it become what may, whatever the consequencesYüzünü bir dağıtayım sonra ne olursa olsun. Let me punch this guy, and live with the consequences afterwards.
    Ne sen sor, ne ben söyleyeyim!What you ask, what I'll say!Adds positive or negative emphasis to the preceding statement or question -- most often negative. But as in English, an exaggerated negative can end up being a positive. For example, in English we might say, "Do you think Sharon Stone is attractive?" and the answer might come back, "Ooo, she's bad!" (Ne sen sor, ne ben söyleyeyim!) 
    Ne serin...?What cool...?
    • Pretty 'cool', huh?
    • That's 'cool', isn't it?
    May be used as shown...
    1. neme lazım
    2. neme lazımcı
      Note: also seen as the single word: nemelazımcı.
    1. ... necessary to my what?
    2. a 'necessary to my what' person

      1. He/she/it doesn't concern me.
      2. What need have I of ...?; What good is ... to me?
      3. I still think ...;
        I don't care about that, I still think ...
    1. someone who has an
      I-don't-give-a-damn attitude
  • Amerika acayip bir memlekettir, bakarsınız gelecek sene seçim olur, neme lazım deyip projeden vazgeçer. America is a strange country, you'll see next year there'll be an election. [America] will say, 'What good is this to me?' and drop the project. In an article questioning the USA's staying power in the Middle East, Gözcü Gazetesi, 31 August 2003
  • Neme lazım, iyi çocuktur.87 I don't care about that, I still think he's a good kid.
  • nerede/nerde akşam orada/orda sabahwhere he is in the evening is where he is in the morning
    • Said of one who doesn't appear to have a home; who just spends the night where he/she happens to be.
    • one who has no known residence
    • one who is an idler
    • one who's out of work
    • one who's distracted, confused
    Adamcağızın tutunacak dalı yok, nerde akşam orda sabah. There isn't anyone or thing that the poor old guy can rely on, he has no place to call his own.
    nur topu or nurtopulight balla lovely childBeyefendi müjde! Nur topu gibi bir çocuğunuz oldu. Good news, dear sir! You've got a lovely [new] child. (Your wife delivered a lovely child). Fırt Magazine,
    10-17 April 2001
    Nur içinde yatsın...Let him/her go to bed in light...May he/she sleep in heavenly light...[Said when mentioning a 'departed' loved-one.]May be used as shown...
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    We wish to extend thanks to
    Emin Özdemir, Osman Çizmeciler, Ömer Asım Aksoy, H. Fethi Gözler,
    Ferit Devellioğlu, Nermin and Muammer Yüzbaşıoğlu,
    Halil Uysal, Ali Püsküllüoğlu, and Ali Uslu

    for their Turkish Idioms source material -- on which some of this page is based.

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