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The Plain English Meanings of
Turkish Idioms

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

We know you've seen reference books written for
English speakers about English and American Idioms.
And you may have seen books for Turkish speakers on the same subject.
You may even have seen books for
Turkish speakers about Turkish Idioms -- all in Turkish.
But have you ever seen
a reference for English speakers about Turkish Idioms?
Well, when we couldn't find one after looking for seven years,
we decided to do-it-ourselves.
Observe our sampling just for Turkish idioms that begin
with the letter


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Turkish Idioms beginning with the letter F

The Turkish

The Literal English Meaning The 'Plain' English Meaning Comments and Examples
faka basmakto look at a trapto be deceived, duped or trappedBurhan bey, pek çok düşünen, hiç faka basmayan, akıllı cesurlardandı. Burhan bey, who was a thinker and not easily duped, was wisely brave.
The Illustrated Story of Barbarossa, Book 2 Plate 14 by Orhan and Erhan Dündar (1996)
falan See filan,
filan falan
fare cirit atmak/oynamak

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

for a mouse to throw/play 'cirit'(for a place) to be desertedÖyle sessiz bir ev ki hiç kimseler yok. Her yerde fareler cirit oynuyor.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

Nobody is at home in a house that quiet. The place is deserted. [It's such a quiet house that no one exists (there). The mice are playing 'cirit' everywhere.]

fare deliğe sığmamış, bir de kuyruğuna kabak bağlamış

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

to not fit into a mouse hole, to also fasten a pumpkin to the tail
  • for someone to take on new responsibilities when she/he can't handle the ones she/he already has
  • for someone to not be welcome him/herself, and for him/her then to also bring someone along with him/her
Arkadaşlarını da getirmiş, fare deliğe sığmamış, bir de kuyruğuna kabak bağlamış, demeli oldu.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

[Can you believe] He also brought his friends with him? In the first place, he wasn't welcome himself, and for him then to bring others along too, well, it was really too much!

  • Farkındayım.
  • Farkında değilim.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

  • I am in discrimination.
  • I am not in discrimination.
  • I realize (that), I understand intuitively, "I know that!"
  • I don't realize. I don't understand intuitively, "I don't know that!"
Note: This idiomatic construction may be conjugated like a verb. For example...
Farkında değildin -- yıldönümümüz dündü.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

You didn't realize that yesterday was our anniversary.

Well, you can't fault me in that department.
Go on and tell'em Mabel...

Which year are you interested in, Marvin?
I just happen to be packin' my MHL list.

What's MHL stand for, Mabes?
Marvin's Harmless Lies.
fasulye gibi kendini nimetten saymak

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

to count oneself a blessing like a beanto think highly of oneself, to think oneself to be important, to put on airsSee following for a remarkable example of
back to back to back idiomatic expression,
to multiply your translation woes...

Cim karnında bir nokta olduğu halde fasulye gibi kendini nimetten sayıyor.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

Although he is an insignificant nobody, he has a very high opinion of himself. (Although he is the dot on the belly of the 'cim', he counts himself a blessing like a bean.)

feleğin çemberinden geçmiş

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

(someone who) passed through fate's circlerefers to someone who has had ups and downs in life, someone who has been 'through the mill', someone with a great deal of experienceOnun bilgisine güvenirim, feleğin çemberinden geçti. Yanılmaz.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

I trust his knowledge; he's very experienced. He doesn't make mistakes.

feleğin sillesini yemek

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

to eat fate's slapto suffer the blows of misfortune, to struggle through difficulty, to experience (a) bad event(s), to meet with life-long adversityKadıncağız, tüm ailesini trafik kazasında kaybetmiş. Feleğin sillesini yemiş, onu bir de sen üzme.

Learn Turkish Language -- sounds

The poor old woman lost her entire family in a road accident. She has suffered [enough] misfortune, [so] don't you too distress her.

felekten bir gün (gece) çalmak to steal a day (night) from the firmament to have a very enjoyable day
(or evening)
Arkadaşlarıyla felekten bir gün çalmak istedi. He wanted to have an enjoyable day with his friends.
fellik fellik aramak [sometimes seen as fellek fellek aramak] to look running all over, running hither and thitherto search high and low (for)Sally hanım, kaybolan çocuğunu her yerde fellik fellik arıyordu. Ms. Sally was searching everywhere high and low for her lost child.
fenalık geçirmek to have badness passto feel sick, feel faintSee example sentence at:
haddini bilmemek.
fıkır fıkır ... ...
[These words only have meaning in this idiom. See Turkish doublets, Category 3]
  • with a bubbling sound
  • lively and flirtatious
  • Hayranlarını çok özlediğini belirten Megastar, 'Artık hasret bitti. Herkesi fıkır fıkır oynatacağım. Kimse yerinde duramayacak' dedi. The Megastar (who revealed that he'd missed his fans a lot) said, 'The longing is over. I'll make everybody dance in a lively and flirtatious way. No one will be able to stay in their seats.' Quoting pop-idol Tarkan in
    Gözcü Gazetesi, 30 June 2003
    fındık kabuğunu doldurmaz to not fill a hazelnut shell(a subject or event that is) trifling, unimportant, nonsensicalMary Ann hanım, kocasıyla fındık kabuğunu doldurmayacak bir sebepten dolayı kavga etti. Ms. Mary Ann quarreled with her husband because of an unimportant reason.
    fırıldak çevirmek to turn a whirligigto do something in a tricky way, to 'pull a fast one', to be up to no goodNe fırıldak çevirdiyse çevirdi, orasını bilmiyorum. Fakat sonuçta kadının elinden bütün malını almayı başardı. He may have pulled every trick in the book, I don't know about that. But the result was that he managed to take control of all the woman's possessions.
    fırsat kollamak to watch for an opportunity, to be on the alert for an opportunitysame meaning...Babasına konuyu açabilmek için bir haftadır fırsat kolladı. She waited a week for the opportunity to open the subject with her father.
    filan or filan falan given people;
    given things
    ...facilitates the meaning of 'and similar things' or 'and similar people' or 'and related things' or 'and so on' or 'and such like' or 'etcetera'.See Turkish M-doublets.
    fitil fitil burnundan gelmek
    Also see,
    burnundan fitil fitil gelmek...
    for wicks (or fuzes) to come from the nosefor an unexpected event to occur that spoils one's pleasure after one has gotten (or experienced) something one has desired (or enjoyed); to suffer so much after gaining something good that one regrets ever having gained it
    • Bodrum dönüşü arabamız kaza yapınca, yaptığımız tatil fitil fitil burnumuzdan geldi. When we had a car accident on our return from Bodrum, it spoiled the vacation we had had.
    • Yedik, içtik, eğlendik ama kavga yüzünden burnumuzdan fitil fitil geldi. We ate, drank, and had a good time, but then because of an argument everything was spoiled.
    fitne sokmakto insert discordto turn one person or group against anotherBizim Hayreddin Paşa ile aramız iyi idi. Sen gelip aramıza fitne soktun. Our relationship with Admiral Hayreddin was just fine. Then you came along and turned us against each other.
    The Illustrated Story of Barbarossa, Book 3 Plate 27 by Orhan and Erhan Dündar (1996)
    fol yok
    yumurta yok

    Also see,
    ortada fol yok yumurta yok/yokken
    there is no nest egg, there is no eggthere is no apparent reason for it; for no apparent reason whatsoever; there is no proof of its existence"...bir bakıyorsun, durup dururken, ortada fol yok yumurta yok, çıkıp gidiyor." (Atilla İlhan)
    [Will you] look at that! Suddenly, for no apparent reason, he takes off and leaves.
    foyası/foyaları meydana çıkmak
    Note: This idiom's root is yet another idiom:
    meydana çıkmak.
    for the foil to be revealed
  • for sb's hitherto unknown bad qualities to be revealed
  • for sb's bad qualities to become apparent because of an event(s)
  • (for sb) to be found out
  • (for sb) to be shown up
  • Kaya'nın uykuları kaçtı. Ünlü yıldız Hülya Avşar, yayınevlerinin 100 milyar liralık teklifini yabana atmayıp, hayatını kaleme alırsa, eşi Kaya Çilingiroğlu'nun bütün foyaları meydana çıkacak. Kaya is worried. [Because] if famous star Hülya Avşar doesn't ignore the book publisher's 100-billion Turkish Lira offer, and if she puts her life story on paper, all of husband Kaya Çilingiroğlu's bad qualities will be revealed.
    The headline and caption of an article in
    Gözcü Gazetesi, 22 July 2003
  • Bu son olaylar, müdürün foyasını meydana çıkardı. Artık kimse ona güvenmiyor. These latest events have revealed the manager's bad qualities. No one will trust her anymore.
  • fos çıkmak for false to go out (of)
  • (for sth) not to end up as one had hoped
  • (for sth) to be long and drawn out
    Turkish pensioners still queue
    to receive their monthly stipend
    Gözcü Gazetesi, May 2003

    Right click or use 'Print Preview' to view image enlargement...
  • AKP'nin emekliye seçim öncesi verdiği "Sizi banka önlerindeki kuyruklardan kurtaracağız" sözü fos çıktı. The promise given before the election by the 'AK Party' to retired persons that, "We will spare you from the long lines in front of banks," didn't turn out as had been hoped.
    Ed. Note [May 2003]: Retired persons in Turkey have had to wait in amazingly long waiting-lines at banks, since time immemorial -- to collect their monthy retirement benefits. Tayyip Erdoğan's 'AK Party' promised to end the bank queues for retirees, if it won the 2002 national election. But, nothing has changed -- six months after the convincing AKP election victory. (See left.)
    frikik vermek
    Note: this idiom is mildly off-color.
    to give a 'free kick'See the frikik entry on the off-color page. But, please beware the off-color warning.
    Bugüne kadar maç sırasında frikik vermemek icin şort ya da eşofman giyen sanatçının bu kez mini etekle korta çıkması ise şaşkınlık yarattı. The (multi-talented) performer (Hulya Avşar, arguably Turkey's most famous celebrity) who until today has worn shorts or a jogging suit to avoid giving 'free kicks' during her tennis matches, caused a stir by coming to the court in a mini skirt this time. Hürriyet Gazetesi, 28 May 2003 (See photo-article at left.)

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    We wish to extend thanks to
    Emin Özdemir, Osman Çizmeciler, Ömer Asım Aksoy, H. Fethi Gözler,
    Ferit Devellioğlu, Nermin and Muammer Yüzbaşıoğlu, Metin Yurtbaşı,
    Halil Uysal, Ali Püsküllüoğlu, Mehmet Hengirmen, and Ali Uslu

    for their Turkish Idioms source material -- on which some of this page is based.

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