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Aysun Kayacı --
self-marketing at a fashion show
Aysun Kayacı marketing advertising for herself at a fashion show
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In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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How to advertise soft drinks in Turkey
Aysun Kayacı's TV Advert for Pepsi
heats up the Turkish Cola Wars

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm diğer müzik fırsatları için tıklayın !

Gittigidiyor, an ebay affiliate
Pepsi Cola finds an eye-catching way to advertise in Turkey --
with actress and model Aysun Kayacı

Pepsi Cola finds an eye-catching way to advertise in Turkey -- with actress-model Aysun Kayacı
Thanks to
Hürriyet Gazetesi
2 May 2007

Aysun Kayacı
The Face of Pepsi Cola
for Summer 2007

You remember Aysun Kayacı, don't you? We first introduced her to you back in 2002 when she was engaged to Turkish National Team footballer Emre Aşık -- the year Turkey finished 3rd in the Association Football World Cup in Korea. After she dropped Emre Bey for Producer Fatih Aksoy and then him for a marketing advertising executive and then him for some other career-booster... Kayacı finally got her act together and has made a nice piece of change in recent years as a model -- and as an actress, mostly on TV.

In her current TV series Doktorlar (Doctors), she plays Dr. Kader Denizhan, a young intern who paid her way through medical school posing as a figure-model for a series of sleazy magazine photos. A male intern colleague accidentally discovers her erotic photo-model past, and thinks it amusing to plaster copies of the embarrassing photos at strategic places around the hospital where they both work. In this video clip (a 2.9 MB Windows Media Video .WMV file), when she discovers what her male colleague has done, the pretty young doctor confronts him angrily and shames him in front of all the other hospital interns -- in a most unusual strip scene, watched by millions of viewers when it was broadcast on the SHOW national TV Channel... And yes, you're right -- that is Pinar Altuğ's toy-boyfriend Yağmur Atacan (in the role of intern Dr. Hasan Turay -- lingering in the background at the doorway) who follows Aysun out, at the conclusion of the clip.

Mobile Phone Photo Farce?
Pepsi Cola finds an eye-catching way to advertise in Turkey -- with actress-model Aysun Kayacı
Click for enlargement!
Then this past March, shortly after that provocative Doktorlar broadcast, intimate mobile phone photos of the 26-year-old beauty in her underwear surfaced on the Internet -- which caused yet another stir. She claimed to have taken them herself, forgetting to remove them before giving the phone in for maintenance -- and that the repairman found and distributed them. Thousands wouldn't have believed that story line, and neither did we...

So, we began to wonder when the next shoe was going to drop.

As it turned out, we didn't have long to wait. Because, with the coming of May, Aysun Hanım announced an advertising coup -- that she had been selected as the 'Face of Pepsi Cola for Summer 2007' in competition with the My Coke 'Big Hands' and the nondescript Cola Turca advertising campaigns. Soft Drinkers were told that steamy new Pepsi Max ads would feature Aysun Hanım in sexy kissing scenes, intended to promote Pepsi's new sugar free soft drink symbolizing "Summer Love". The Pepsi promotional TV advertising, which began to air shortly thereafter, certainly lived up to its commercial hype -- as you'll see in Part 2...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Next: The Pepsi Kissing Ad, continued -- even the rehearsals made news!
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