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This young Turkish male may
Young Turkish men may steal away more than your heart.
be dangerous to your wealth...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de
Sexy Turkish Frikikler (Free Kick)

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Foreign Gay Males
should watch their wallets too!

Foriegn gay men should also be careful to avoid being fleeced!

When things go right...
Mature Dutch Bride
Leontien says that
her height difference with Ali
is immaterial....

Mature Dutch Bride says the height difference is immaterial...
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As seen on Turkish TV...
Mature Foreign Women
in Turkey

Beware the Turkish lothario...
Fleeced and undone - Part 1

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

Nurseli İdiz plays a
Mature German Woman
who is duped, drugged, and robbed by a young Turkish man
in the dramatic Turkish TV Series Son Bahar (Autumn)

A mature German tourist is played by Nurseli İdiz in 'Son Bahar' (Autumn) -- a dramatic Turkish TV series.
Thanks to
Star TV Channel
1 June 2009

Older Foreign Women
Do they prey on young Turkish men...
or are they preyed upon?

Art Imitating Life

In the 37th episode of Son Bahar (a popular Turkish TV drama), Nurseli İdiz plays a mature German woman on vacation in Turkey. She meets a young Turkish man at her hotel bar, he charms her, and then invites her for dinner. After a pleasant meal, the young man ostentatiously produces his credit card for payment. While the waiter is off-camera toting up the tab, the young man fondles İdiz's hand -- and compliments her youthful appearance. İdiz blushes and pooh poohs the compliments, but she obviously enjoys the young man's attentions. When the waiter returns with the credit verification device, the young man enters his pin number and, surprise...his card is rejected. "That's impossible," the young man sputters scornfully at the waiter, "there's something wrong with your device. Please try it again." Needless to say, the second card-verification attempt is also unsuccessful...at which point Nurseli İdiz intervenes, and pays the bill with her own valid card -- over the weak protestations of her young dinner companion.

Nurseli İdiz
gets conned by a not-so-slick Turkish gigolo.

Nurseli İdiz gets duped by a Turkish lothario.
Click for a 2.7 MB Windows Media Video (.WMV) video clip.
The gigolo's con at dinner leads to
her drugging, robbery, and humiliation.

Thanks to
Star TV and canlidizi.com

Is this TV scene a work of pure fiction?

The answer is 'no'. In fact it's a resounding 'no'. Real-life scenes like the fictional one above occur routinely in the coastal resort cities of Turkey -- all the year round. And sometimes the scenes are by design of the mature foreign women themselves!

Designing Women

Here's what Die Welt ('The World' -- Germany's popular-but-loss-making daily newspaper) recently reported beneath the headline, German Women On Vacation Prefer a Turkish Gigolo.

26.02.2009 Lonely German women on vacation who are looking for a short-term sexual relationship prefer Turkey. German women suffering depression from loneliness don't have far to go, to relieve their sexual tensions. Such women flock to the southern coastal regions of Turkey.

The article reveals that designing German women often 'bankroll' young Turkish men in return for sexual favors during their holidays -- but, sometimes, the women turn the financial tables, by marrying their 'toy boys' for money. (A toy-boy can then turn his marriage certificate into a free pass to Europe.)

Beneath the subtitle, "Turkish Gigolos and German Loneliness", Die Welt recounts the adventures of one Turkish gigolo, in particular. Gigolo Erkan doesn't pull any punches... "I'm especially into Swedish, Swiss, Dutch, and German women. I hear rumors that I have children I don't know about in those countries. If the price is right, I can make beautiful moments for these lonely women on vacation."

Do all vacationing foreign women know what to expect, when they encounter young Turkish men like Erkan? Not by a long shot...

In Part 2 -- Foreign Women, Fleeced and Undone

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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