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Movie Poster
Kara Murat vs. The Black Knight
Turkish movie poster -- 'Kara Murat Kara Şövalyeye Karşı' (Kara Murat vs. The Black Knight) with Cüneyt Arkın and Burçin Doğu, 1975
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LPT's Top
'Frequently Asked Questions'

  1. How can I find Internet 'Pen Pals' from Turkey, to help me learn Turkish?
  2. What do Turks feel about romance and sex?
  3. How can I speak with love and affection in Turkish?
  4. What's a 'Mature Foreign Bride' in Turkey?
  5. How can a 'basic' beginner get started learning Turkish at the LPT website?
  6. I'm not a beginner. What suggestions do you have for improving my Turkish on my own?
  7. What are the 10 best Turkish Movies?
  8. Why can't I use the 'OK' or the 'thumb between index finger' hand-signals -- in Turkey?
  9. Who is Tarkan and what's all the fuss about him?
  10. Please provide links to websites (other than LPT) where I can learn more about Turkish and Turkey.
  11. Where can I find a translation software-package that will translate between English-Turkish and Turkish-English?
  12. How can I express condolences in Turkish?
  13. Can you tell me the meaning, and when I should use the Turkish word "maşallah"...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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