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Down in the valley...
The Valley Of The Wolves

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm politika kitabı fırsatları için tıklayın !

Is this 2006 anti-American movie a payback
for the 1978 anti-Turkish film 'Midnight Express'?
Many of one stripe believe so, many of another stripe hope so.
And they aren't all from the same-old-tired list of 'usual suspects'...

Thanks to Valley of the Wolves
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    The God-Awful State of
    Turkish-American Relations

    Was 'Valley of the Wolves' just payback
    for 'Midnight Express'?
    Or are matters far worse than that?

    The following article was originally written in 2007. Here's hoping (in 2009) that new US President Obama can restore past Turkish-American relations.

    Over the years we've frequently corresponded with Sayın Glenn Williams, a veteran Turkish-language struggler -- and a long time friend of LPT. You can't always predict what topics we'll get round to, but they're usually lively, certainly never dull. Last week's exchange via satellite was a typical example...

    Glenn W: Re: The Turkish-made movie Kurtlar Vadısı Irak (Valley of the Wolves, Iraq)... If you haven't had a chance to see this movie-potboiler, it's a real trip! Gary Busey has a bit part as a doctor who harvests organs from detainees at Abu Ghraib. You can find the Movie Trailer at: http://www.valleyofthewolvesiraq.com/hightr/main2.html

    j & p: Oh we saw it all right... After it broke all box office movie records in the history of Turkish Cinema, they showed it on Turkish TV earlier this year.

    When the Kurtlar Vadısı TV Series (which had a 'popular' mafia theme, not an 'ugly American' theme) became #1 in the TV Ratings, the Series-producers decided to make a movie -- with the now-even-more-popular Anti-American theme.

    It makes me sick in my heart to see the rapid change in attitudes that Turks have developed about American policy, if not Americans in general. Of course, they aren't alone in that, and from the news I read, the majority of Americans will be glad to see the back of GW Bush.

    What a boob. After 9/11 he had the world in the palm of his hand, and could really have done great things. Not only has he squandered the historical opportunity, he's also destroyed international admiration and respect for the US. (By comparison everyone here thinks Bill Clinton was AOK... despite his infidelities, his lying about his infidelities, his shady financial dealings, his foreign policy ineptitude, his lowering of the bar for Presidential candidates forevermore. To Turks, Clinton is a popular 'celebrity', and they have great tolerance for popular celebrities and their 'peccadillos'. They view Bush, on the other hand, as a cross between a retard and devil.)

    I can't wait to see Bush gone (even though I supported him in both elections because his competition was so awful), but who is next? If things proceed true to form, I guess the US pendulum will swing back the other way -- and the country will end up in wasteful (and obnoxiously politically correct) Democratic hands for a while. Ughh.

    For example, I will not be surprised if the Armenian-Activist Lobby succeeds in forcing a Genocide Bill through Congress shortly after the election, by claiming responsibility for the election victory (shades of France)... even though [as I wrote in my letter to Barbara Mikulski (the Politically Correct Senator from my State of Maryland)], Americans ought to stop right now (and forever) repeating hackneyed, one-sided, statistically impossible, and self-serving Armenian activist claims -- it's the worst kind of trial without jury.

    Instead of pandering to the Armenian Activist Lobby, I suggested that Ms. Mikulski could do more P.C. good at home, for example, by sponsoring a Bill condemning American Indian Genocide, followed by a Reparations Bill for Descendent's of Slaves -- before feeling "the need to start pointing fingers across oceans at a people (and a history) you know nothing about."
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

    Tüm Türk sanatı fırsatları için tıklayın !

    Gittigidiyor, an ebay affiliate

    If I were a Turk and if my American 'ally' caved to the Armenian Lobby and passed such a Bill, I would close down İncirlik (the American-run airbase in southern Turkey near the Iraqi border) within the hour, and I'd begin lining up deals for future major-purchases of aircraft, weapons, vehicles, etc. with China (or Russia or whomever, as long as there wasn't an American connection) -- setting the long-standing US/Turkish friendly-alliance back at least 10-15 years. It might even be irreparable, I'm not sure. Certainly, it would never be the same again.

    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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    Next: Glenn W on 'The Armenian-Activist Lobby'

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