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Movie Poster...'Deli Deli Küpeli' -- a comedy film directed by former matinee idol Kartal Tibet which starred Kemal Sunal (d. July 2000), award-winning veteren actor (87 films), film producer (4), and screenplay writer (2)
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Football World Cup Terms
Alper Kanber
Our family friend and
Association Football prodigy.

Twenty-two-year-old Alper scored two goals in the final minutes of his college tournement to lift his team to a thrilling 6-5 victory.

Alper Kanber -- family friend and Soccer player lifts his team to victory with 2 goals in the final minutes of the tournement final-match.

Thanks to
Yeni Balıksehir Gazetesi
March 2009

Not a classy World Cup Football maneuver --
'Offside Trap' (Ofsayt Tuzağı)

An ugly World Cup Football maneuver?
World Cup Football, Offside Rule Illustration
Click for image enlargement.
Thanks to Futbol Oyun Kuralları
Akşam Gazetesi-- 2005
It's not a very classy World Cup Football maneuver, but...
the "offside trap" is a Defensive Football Team's most effective move against a strong Offensive Team. In the illustration above, you see the Offensive Football Team on the attack. An Offensive Player (Number 9) has just kicked the soccer ball to his team mate, who (at this moment) is in a classic offside position running toward the goal. But, what you don't see is that the Defensive Player (now in front of number 9) forced the offside position by running away from the goal mouth (performing an 'offside trap') where he stood just moments before, next to the Goal Keeper. We hope we don't see too many such cowardly (though effective) defensive moves in the upcoming World Cup Football matches...

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