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Ottoman Age Notables -- Christlike self-portrait of the multi-dimensional German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471  1528)
Ottoman Age artist
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Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire
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Sultans and Concubines and Eunuchs, oh my...!

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Term Meaning Comments
Yamak 'Assistant', an assistant guild working for a larger guild in a specialized aspect of a craft.  
YanıkTurkish name for the castle at Györ/Raab -- on the Raab/Raba River, west of Budapest in Hungary. 
Yasa A code of laws in ancient Turkish or Mongol tradition.  
Yasak A code of sultanic laws.  
yaşmak Veil covering hair and face, leaving only eyes exposed.  
Yaya 'Foot-soldier' (1) A Turkish farmer serving with the army.
(2) By the sixteenth century, one of a corps holding land and exempted from certain taxes in return for services to the government.
(3) In modern Turkish the meaning is: pedestrian
Yemek Odası Dining Room  
YengeçThe modern Turkish astrological sign -- equivalent to Cancer in English.
Also means 'crab' in modern Turkish...
See the Osmanlı (Ottoman) entry Seretan -- for illustration. See burçlar for complete list of Osmanlı (Ottoman), Modern Turkish, and English astrological signs.
Yeniçeri See Janissary.  
Yeniçeri ağasi The Commander in Chief of the Janissary Corps.

Uniformed Commander in Chief90
yeniçeri nişanları Military insignia of the Janissary Corps. See next panel below.  
Janissary military unit insignia

Beside each insignia is the number [in Arabic] of the Janissary military unit to which it belonged.90
Yeniçeri Ocağı

Right click to 'View' or 'Zoom' image enlargement...

A member of the 18th C. Janissary Corps in his everyday 'gear'...74

The whole Janissary Corps.
Right click to 'View' or 'Zoom' image enlargement...

A member of the 18th C. Janissary Corps
in his ceremonial 'gear'...
Yeni Kütüphane New Library  
Yeni Saray New Palace  
(also seen as Yazid/Yazidi)
An imperious, cruel or vile fellow.
  1. A general (derogatory) term for Sunnis used by Shiites. (See Şah Ismail.)
  2. The name of [a group of] men who were supporters of the Ummayyad Caliph Mu'awiya -- who is believed to have been complicit in the assassination of Ali bin Abu Taleb.
  3. The name of Mu'awiya's brother and the name of his son too.
  4. An Islamic sect (inspired by the memory of Yazid I, son of Mu'awiya) dating from the 7th century A.D. -- whose members (numbering around 100,000) are still found in Mosul, Iraq; Diyarbakir, Turkey; Aleppo, Syria, etc. Followers believe in religious elements derived from both Christianity and Islam. Because of their denial of the existence of sin and evil, they have been called 'devil worshippers'.
Yiğitbaşi A senior officer of a guild, directing its internal affairs.  
Yürük A Turkish nomad in Anatolia or the Balkans.  

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Turkish History, Ottoman History, Ottman Age/Era Encyclopedia

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