Tolga Uçar - Uninsured and unaccountable Turkish Ophthalmologist/Optometrist/Oculist |
Tolga Ucar/Uçar Turkish Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Dr. Tolga Ucar/Uçar blunders cataract surgeries at Ada Goz (Ada Göz) Eye Clinic in Kusadasi/Kuşadası, Turkey |
Elderly patients risk Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) hastened/caused by Ucar/Uçar's faulty cataract diagnoses, procedures, and operations.

Turkish eye doctor Tolga Ucar warning
Public Service Warning
to potential patients of dubious Turkish eye doctor Tolga Ucar (Uçar) --
one of the riskiest and dangerous Turkish eye-practitioners in Kusadasi/Kuşadası, Turkey.

Don't gamble with your eye-sight in Turkey...

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Turkish Eye-doctors
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Dr.Tolga Ucar

Beware of
so-called Eye Doctor
Tolga Ucar/Uçar

who caused the AMD that
destroyed my right eye vision
Unregulated Turkish Eye-Doctor Tolga Ucar/Uçar
Careless Turkish Oculist
Tolga Ucar/Uçar
blunders eye surgeries at
Ada Goz (Ada Göz) Eye Clinic in Kusadasi/Kuşadası, Turkey.
Avoid him and the clinic, if you value your eye-sight.

What is AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)?
Cataract Surgery and Macular Degeneration
Can AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) be treated with any assurance?

Facts About Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

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Tolga Ucar, Turkish Optometrist

Unaccountable Tolga Ucar, Turkish Oculist
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Unregulated Tolga Ucar, Turkish Oculist
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Unregulated, unaccountable, and uninsured eye-doctors in Turkey
exempt from malpractice court suits

Optometrist Tolga Ucar/Uçar
'practices' his uninsured surgeries
at Ada Goz (Ada Göz) Eye Clinic
in Kusadasi/Kuşadası, Turkey.
Stay away, if you value your eye-sight.

Harmless-looking Tolga Ucar, Turkish Doctor Jekyll
Uninsured Tolga Ucar, Turkish Oculist
Dangerously irresponsible Tolga Ucar, Turkish Mr. Hyde
Unreliable Tolga Ucar, Turkish Oculist

Dr. Tolga Ucar/Tolga Uçar
bungles cataract surgeries at Ada Goz Clinic in Kusadasi Turkey.
Stay away from this uninsured eye-butchering factory.

Dangerous Tolga Ucar, Turkish eye-doctor

Tolga Ucar/Uçar look-a-like Tolga Savacı looks harmless enough, doesn't he?
Don't be fooled when Ucar implores you to...

"Trust Me - I can remove your cataracts and
restore your vision to what it was when you were young..."

Don't be taken in...
Tolga Ucar, Turkish eye-butcher
It's just as likely that you'll lose vision within 6 months!
If that happens to you there is no recourse whatsoever. That's because, when you make an appointment at Ada Goz Eye Clinic, you're made to sign a multi-page document that exempts doctors from patient responsibility for everything from a stubbed toe to an eye gouging. Turkish courts don't recognize medical malpractice as a suable offence in that case. So, you, the patient, are left with eye-sight reduction, and nothing to do about it. The doctor simply returns to practice, to ruin another patient's visual acuity.

The List of Bad/Negative Results Due To Dr. Tolga's Vision Diagnoses/Recommendations/Medication Contraindications/Cataract Surgery/ Follow-ups and Treatments endured by Jim Masters (2012 - present)

Medication Contraindications

A.1 General – Before he decided to perform surgery on me (the afternoon of 24 May 2012), Dr. Tolga never asked me for my personal-use medical drugs-list – nor did he cross-check my list against the drugs-list he intended to use on me during the surgery (and post-operative periods). So, he was completely ignorant of any potential drug contraindications that existed between my list and his – during my surgery and post-operative periods.

Needless to say, performing surgery without the cross-checked drug contraindication knowledge is risky – with possible serious consequences during the surgery or post-op

And... as I later learned, there were at least two notable medication contraindications in my case – one Pre-op and one Post-op.

A.2. Pre-op Contraindication(s) – I had taken my daily FloMax capsule before leaving for Kusadasi where I intended only to obtain a simple eye-glasses prescription. But, when Dr. Tolga examined me, he did a 'bait and switch' maneuver, which persuaded me to let him perform cataract surgery on me, instead. (Such surgery being an example of 'conflict of interest' on his part, as well!)

This 'change of plan' was the cause of the notable FloMax contraindication event. See the risks of FloMax and Cataract Surgery...

Only after I returned home from my [unplanned] eye-surgery and checked the internet, did I learn of the notable FloMax contraindication for cataract surgery.

A.3. Post-op Contraindication(s) – Dr. Tolga prescribed hourly Prednol/Prednisone/Prednisolone eye-drop's treatment after each surgery – without knowing that I was already taking Prednol tablets for arthritis. The 'double dosage' caused nausea and dizziness in me, but... he kept insisting I continue its usage – and I complied. Not until I sent him my email (on 9 June 2012) describing my severe dizziness (even lying down in bed) did Dr. Tolga finally cancel my Prednol/Prednisolone eye-drops usage. See Side Effects on vision with Prednol/Prednisolone -- including cataracts and glaucoma...

The exact and entire impact – on my current deteriorated health condition – of using those pre and post-op contraindicated drugs (due to Dr. Tolga's medical treatment) is unknown to me. But they were obviously detrimental to my general and visual health. Dr. Tolga has never explained his assessment of the impact to me, so I'm not sure he knows what it was either.

Tolga Ucar/Uçar look-a-like Tolga Savaci/Savacı
undervalued my right-eye vision
destroying it carelessly without compunction.

Tolga Ucar look-a-like peeping Tom -- in 'Arzu' (1985)
Peeping-Tom Tolga Savaci/Savacı
only needs one eye
in Arzu (Desire) with Banu Alkan (1985)
The AMD problem

Rather suddenly in January 2013 (about six months after Dr. Tolga's cataract surgery on me), my right-eye developed Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – which I described naively, unwittingly (because I had never heard of AMD at the time) in my email to Dr. Tolga of 28 January, as follows:

“I mentioned once again that I saw ... a 'dead spot' in my 'stronger' right eye . At that appointment, you told me that my eye-problems would clear up, in time. How much more time do you think it will take?

I ask because, as of today, 6 months later, there has been no improvement .... In fact, the' dead spot' in the right eye seems to have come to life... to pulsate now. Whereas, until the past two weeks, it did not exhibit pulsation. 

What do you advise me to do?”

Dr. Uçar/Ucar never even replied to my clear email warning that something was amiss. I had to call the Ada Goz eye-clinic to make a separate appointment to see him. It was during this latter appointment that Ucar finally declared that I had 'wet' AMD -- and that I should immediately begin a controversial unguaranteed program of expensive monthly Avastin Eye-ball Injections -- which he would administer (and profit from) personally...yet another instance of 'conflict of interest' by Dr. Ucar.

Even if Dr. Tolga might now want to deny a direct connection between my cataract surgery and my AMD, other medical professionals and studies opine that cataract surgery is definitely a contributing factor in hastening AMD. For example, the Beaver Dam study and Blue Mountains study found as high as a 3 fold increase in macular degeneration after cataract surgery.

In other world health eye-studies, an alarming number of patient cases involving cataract surgery and macular degeneration showed that cataract surgery can increase or hasten the onset of macular degeneration. Specifically, cataract surgery can cause macular degeneration to develop into late stage, or severe macular degeneration from early stage, or mild macular degeneration.

The pulsating AMD shape(s)

As I described in my email to Dr. Tolga (on 18 April 2013),

“The small pulsating spots inside my right eye's center vision are very distracting.  Even if I close both my eyes, I can still see the spots...blinking and pulsing non-stop.  I especially want to understand about the pulsating-spots. So, I want to do some internet research, but so far I've not used the correct Google search words.”

Dr. Tolga has never replied to my request for info about this disturbing problem. Since I don't know the cause, I don't know what danger it foretells. It is life-changing and annoying, however – and remains unexplained by Dr. Tolga.

The duplicitous Ucar/Uçar is incapable of admitting his mistakes -- or, far worse, is ignorant of them... for fear of litigation. But, since such litigation is prohibited in Turkey, he has nothing to fear. He's exempt from patient liability.
Tolga Ucar/Uçar transforms from Jekyll to Hyde
The Şimşek (Simsek) 'lightening streak' impairment

As I reported in my e-mail of 21 August 2012,

“... the simsek in my left eye is still a problem...  When I look directly at an electric light with my left-eye (only),  I still see a single streak of 'lightening', that goes from upper left, downward, to lower right.

In that same e-mail, I asked,

“Do you still believe that the problem will cure itself?  If so, how much longer do you think it will take... before it will be cured?”

Despite Dr. Tolga's numerous assurances, the left-eye simsek lightening-streak condition continues to this day.

While not 'life threatening', the problem was negatively 'life changing' because I was never able to drive at night thereafter, because of oncoming headlight-glare.

Ucar as Jekyll
Ucar as Hyde

Tolga Ucar transforms from the docile Dr. Jekyll tot the wicked Mr. Hyde

An example of the adverse impact of the AMD on my life

My health situation continues to spiral slowly downward, mostly due to problems that began last year after my 'botched' cataract surgery. For example, because that eye-operation caused Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in my right eye, I lost my visual depth-perception ability. 

Subsequently, in June 2013, I misjudged the distance from my grasp of a door-handle. And, in a hurry, I grasped thin-air, pulled hard, and fell directly on my ass...which damaged muscles, bones, and organs in that crucial middle body area.  

The fall must have been funny to watch (though no one was around when I did it), but I was three months in recovery from it... fighting painful infections in both my kidneys.

'Erotik' Jekyll and Hyde -- Tolga Ucar/Uçar

Ucar as Jekyll Ucar as Hyde
Tolga Ucar,  Unaccountable Turkish eye-surgeon
Post Note: I don't take any pleasure in this approach to get your attention, Tolga... because you seem a decent person, outside your office. But, undeniably, you harmed me physically in a most awful and permanent way – which is going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

And, since then you've basically ignored me – as if these 'bad' cataract surgery results you inficted never happened to me. And, that isn't right of you, Tolga... in any human terms that I believe in. Which is something you should reflect upon, carefully and at length.

You'll have plenty of time to do that, since I've rented Internet space for this "Tolga Ucar/Uçar, Lousy Eye-Doctor" page until 2019 -- and if I'm still alive then, I'll extend the page rental for another 5 years.

A Modest Proposal
regarding Turkish cataract removal scandals like this one...

Beginning with the disreputable Turkish Eye-Clinic Ada Goz and specific inept surgeons like Tolga Ucar... all advertising activities should be banned and they should be made liable in court for malpractice, regardless of coerced preconditioned exemption agreements.
Banu Alkan gets screwed royally by Dr. Tolga Ucar/Uçar look-a-like
Tolga Savaci/Savacı in Arzu/Desire (1985)

Scene from a 1985 Banu Alkan, Tolga Savaci Film

Be careful that it doesn't happen to you at the Ada Goz Clinic in Kusadasi, Turkey!

Tolga Ucar/ Tolga Uçar
Most Dangerous Turkish Eye optometrist
Oculist in Turkey

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Eye surgeon Tolga Ucar, exempt from malpractice suits.

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© Tolga Uçar - Uninsured Turkish Ophthalmologist/Optometrist/Oculist | Tolga Ucar/Uçar Turkish Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde | Tolga Ucar/Uçar blunders cataract surgeries at Ada Goz (Ada Göz) Eye Clinic in Kusadasi/Kusadasi, Turkey | Elderly patients risk Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) caused by Ucar/Uçar's faulty cataract operations.