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Idiomatic Doublets
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I'll have an assonant hendiadys to go, please --
and hold the mayo...

Category 7 Turkish Doublets --
According to 'Syllable' Harmony

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Category 7 -- ikilemeler according to 'Syllable' Harmony

Sound carries a lot of weight in an ikilemeler. As shown in the Category 6 Chart, a rhythmic harmony is produced by repeating the same word. Rhythmic harmony also occurs when you use similar sounding words to form the ikilemeler -- especially in the sounds of the first or of the last syllables of each word.

First Syllable Harmony
Consonants found at the beginning of words in ikilemeler provide similarity in the front sound -- and produce harmony.

The ikilemeler

Literal Meaning

Plain English Meaning

Example usage and English translation

soylu soplu

with lineage with clan

someone from a well-known, well-established family

Tessie soylu soplu bir gençle evlendi.

Our Tessie married a bloke from the 'upper crust'.

Tessie soysuz sopsuzun teki.

Tessie is a girl with an unimpressive background.

cümbür cemaat

('cümbür' is meaningless except in this phrase, see Lewis's Category 2 above...)

... congregation

the whole kit and caboodle

Cümbür cemaat komşuya oturmaya gittik.

The whole kit and caboodle of us went to sit at the neighbors place.

kul kurban [köle] (olmak)

(to be) slave sacrifice

(to be) greatly devoted (to)

Sevdiği kişiye kul kurban olmuş; sonunda mutlu bir yuva kurmuşlar.

He became devoted to the person he loved, and they finally established a happy home.

yalan yanlış

lie mistake

very inaccurate/ full of mistakes, even fabrications

Yalan yanlış haberlerle herkesin aklını karıştırdı.

She confused everyone with her inaccurate news.

zar zor

membrane difficulty

  1. unwillingly, reluctantly
  2. with extreme difficulty
  3. by force
Kızıma ödevini zar zor yaptırabildim.

I was barely able to make my daughter do her homework.

Last Syllable Harmony
This type of harmony comes from a similarity of vowel sounds or of consonant sounds in final syllables of ikilemeler.

The ikilemeler

Literal Meaning

Plain English Meaning

Example usage and English translation

eciş bücüş

(Neither word has meaning except in this phrase -- see Lewis's Category 3.)


out of shape, crooked, distorted, ruined, ugly

Eciş bücüş mobilyalar salonu çirkinleştirmiş.

The ugly furniture makes the whole living room ugly.

süklüm püklüm

(Neither word has meaning except in this phrase -- see Lewis's Category 3.)


a downcast or hangdog manner, looking guilty

Camı kıran çocuk süklüm püklüm müdürün huzuruna çıktı.

The boy who broke the window glass presented himself to the principal in a hangdog manner.

ayrısı gayrısı (olmamak, bilmemek)

(to not be, to not know) separate other

to be close friends, to be family, to have all things in common

Amcamlarla bizim ayrımız gayrımız yoktur.

We are very close with my uncles.

hesap kitap

arithmetic book

  1. after careful consideration
  2. after full consideration
  3. a financial book account/work
Hesap kitap bu işin yapılmasının bir yararı olmadığı ortaya çıktı.

After careful investigation, it seems that their was no benefit from doing this job.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

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