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Category 5 Turkish Doublets --
Arising from numbers

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Category 5 -- ikilemeler arising in numbers

Hengirmen points out that ordinary numbers are sometimes used in pairs in Turkish -- to serve as ikilemeler. So, depending on the context of the sentence, these 'numerical ikilemeler' can have a different meaning than what appears on their numerical 'surfaces'. In those cases, as might be expected, the words indicating smaller numbers (quantitatively speaking) come before words indicating larger ones. So, numerical ikilemeler arent 'bound' by any of the previously stated word-order 'rules'...

The numerical ikilemeler

Literal Meaning

Plain English Meaning

Example usage and English translation

beş on

five ten

some, few in number

Manzara hakikaten güzel ve dokunaklıydı, beş on dakika bir sanat eseri gibi seyrettim.
(A.H. Tanpınar)

The scene was really beautiful and moving, I viewed it like a work of art for a few minutes.

bir iki

one two

a very few, an imperceptible number or amount

Kitapları, bir iki bavulu, o kadar...
(N.F. Kısakürek)

Books, a very few pieces of luggage, that's all...

üç aşağı beş yukarı (also, beş aşağı beş yukarı)

three down five up
(five down five up)

about, a small difference, after some bargaining, approximately

Üç aşağı beş yukarı anlaştik sayılır.
(S.F. Abasıyanık)

After some bargaining, we agreed.

üç beş

three five

a few, a rather small number or portion

Ben Heybeliden vazgeçerim şimdilik, ancak, üç beş gün için pek hoş olur Remlede kalmak.
(M.A. Ersoy)

For now I'll abandon Heybeli (famous island near Istanbul), but it will be quite pleasant to spend a few days in Remle.

üçe beşe (bakmamak)

(not to look) to three to five

not to be fussy in a bargain

Lütfen, benim satış fiatlarındaki üçe beşe bakmayın. Yoksa terk edeceğim.

Please don't be fussy about my selling price. Otherwise, I'm leaving.

üçer beşer

three at a time five at a time

in small groups; small in number, in small portion

Her iki odadan üçer beşer kişi lakırdıyı uzattılar.
(M. Ş. Esendal)

From both rooms people in small groups offered up a bunch of empty comments.

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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