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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Idiomatic Doublets
Doubles Troubles
I'll have an assonant hendiadys to go, please --
and hold the mayo...

Category 10 Turkish Doublets --

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Category 10 -- M-doublets

I really like these, Marvin.
Me too, Mabel.
They remind me of the pig-Latin I used to speak as a boy.
Wait a sec...
I didnt know you were bi-lingual, Marv.
I don't tell everyone.

The purpose of the m-doublet ikilemeler is exactly the same as (and may be used interchangeably with) filan, or falan, or filan falan -- to facilitate the meaning of and similar things or and similar people or and related things or and so on or and such like or etcetera. And they are usually (but not always) made from nouns.

And remember...
the second 'word' in an M-doublet is not a word at all.
It's just a rhyming sound starting with m,
that serves to mean etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

Learn Practical Turkish Language color icon
Language point illustration!
What agreement..?
Overheard during a game of Turkish 'hide and go seek'...

Terrorized Juvenile:
Our agreement wasn't like this...
[Notice the slurring of değildi.]
You were [supposed] to come out when I said 'apple',
you weren't [supposed] to come out when I said 'pear'!...

Gun-toting Juvenile Delinquent:
There was no such agreement [like that]...
[Anlaşma manlaşma yok.]
[I'm] Sorry, pal...

Thanks to:
Komikaze 2
by Erdil Yaşaroğlu
LeMan Basin Yayın Ltd Şti.
Istanbul (March 1995)

M-doublet Vowel Chart
For words beginning with a vowel, an m-doublet is made by adding m...

Word starting with a vowel...

The resulting 'M-doublet'

The English meaning



adamlar madamlar

men and creatures like them...


(my hand)

elim melim

my hand, its fingers, the bone, and skin, etc.



ırmak mırmak

streams and such like...


(an English person)

İngiliz mingiliz

English people and people like the English people...



odun modun

firewood and other burnable material...



ödev mödev

homework and the like...


Note that this is not a noun...

ucuz mucuz

cheap, affordable, easy to acquire, etc.


(an iron)

ütü mütü

an iron, ironing board, ironing cloth, etc.

Example sentences:
Araba maraba vızgelir, yürürüm.
Cars and trucks and such don't matter to me, I can walk.

Arsanda ağaç mağaç yok mu?
Arent there any trees or bushes or shrubs on your land?

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For words starting with a consonant, drop the consonant before adding the m to form the m-doublet....

M-doublet Consonant Chart

Word starting with a consonant

The resulting M-doublet

The English Meaning



bakan makan

ministers and bureaucrats and such



caddeler maddeler

streets and roads and things like that



çöp möp

trash and waste and such



defter mefter

notebooks and other such writing materials



fikir mikir

ideas and thoughts and such



gazete mazete

newspapers and magazines and such



hikaye mikaye

stories and fables and the like


(razor blade)

jilet milet

razor blades and other sharp things



kaba maba

rudeness and vulgarity and the like



kız mız



young girls and teenagers and such



lastik mastik

tires/tyres and other rubber things



Isn't that the English word that Perihan can't say, Mabel?
You'd better hope she doesn't hear you say that, Marvin.

nar mar

pomegranates and similar fruits



para mara

money and other valuables



resim mesim

pictures and other memorabilia



sabır mabır

patience, forbearance and the like



şaka maka

jokes and other things to laugh at



tabak mabak

plates and dishes and things for eating



vaatler maatler
[Note the irregular vowel harmony.]

promises and other oaths



yağ mağ

butter and oils and greasy things


(without trouble)

Note that this is not a noun...

zahmetsiz mahmetsiz

easy, not difficult, not onerous, etc.

Example sentences:

Çarşıdan kalem malem aldım.
I bought pens and other writing materials at the store.

Kalem malem yok mu?
Isn't there anything to write with?

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Did you spot the missing letter in the previous M-doublet Consonant Chart?

Well, surprise! It's 'M' itself...
Words beginning with m can't 'benefit' from this special language feature of Turkish.
For m-words, then, you have to resort to filan (or falan or filan falan) as in,
merhaba falan; 'hello' and similar greetings...

One final observation/warning...
despite the 'technical correctness' of the m-doublets
Antalya mantalya,
dünya münya,
and deniz meniz,
a Turk would not use those expressions.
For some reason, they just don't 'sound right'
according to highly placed Turkish language 'experts'

(two guys we met on Bar Street in Kuşadasî last Tuesday...)

Instead, he or she would use something like:
Antalya filan to mean Antalya and similar towns,
dünya filan falan to mean the world and similar planetary bodies
deniz falan to mean the sea, the beach, etc....

And there are other m-doublet exception words like those, but
we are just too tarrd to list them all right now...

In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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