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enjoying a meal...

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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Idiomatic Doublets
Doubles Troubles
I'll have an assonant hendiadys to go, please --
and hold the mayo...


In Turkey - Türkiye'de

Tüm kitap fırsatları için tıklayın !

Overheard at the
'Blind Leading the Blind' Institute --
south-side cafeteria...

I thought they weren't going to use any of that
technical jargon on us, Marvin.
That was indeed the promise, Mabel.
Then what're those 50-cent words doing up there in the sub-title?
It would seem that a woman's word is no longer her bond.
And just when I was gettin' the hang of the lingo too.
Why...I've been greeting everyone I know with a hearty thump on the back and a cheerful
'Mahoopla' for weeks now.
I think that's supposed to be "Merhambone" when you say hello to someone in Turkish, Mabel.
Mebbee that explains the funny looks I've been gettin'...

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Gentle rhyming...
Have you noticed the gentle rhyming you hear when
two Turks really get going in a conversation?
How they use double (sometimes triple, even quadruple) word combinations --
that enliven the sound of their speech?
(But which leave us English-speaking listeners befuddled?)

Or, have you noticed all the
double (sometimes triple, even quadruple) word combinations that
you find when you scan a Turkish to English dictionary?
Each with its own special meaning?

Well, our old friend G.L. Lewis, makes the observation
that these assonant hendiadyses
(G.L. calls them assonant doublets)
fall into three categories in Turkish...

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But before we get into any talk about categories...

Assonant Hendiadys? Whaa?

An assonant hendiadys is a single idea that is (usually) expressed by
a pair of words (instead of one word and a qualifier).
The two words may be joined by a conjunction -- and there's often
a discernable repetition of sounds within them...
Such a hendiadys is used to add 'dramatic effect' to one's language.

Examples in English and a few other languages...





"I will greatly multiply your pain and childbirth"

(Genesis 3:16)

Instead of "painful childbirth."



"the blood and baseness of our natures would conduct us to most preposterous conclusions"

(Othello 1.03.328)

Instead of 'bloody baseness'


"Waving to him white hands and courtesy"
Yes, that's right... Sometimes it takes more than two words (and a conjunction) to make a healthy hendiadys.

Instead of "courteous white hands.


He struck with steel and sword...

(Readers Digest Encyclopedia)

Instead of 'a steel sword'.


It sure is nice and warm in Gümüldür today!

(Marvin 7.23.99)

Instead of "pleasantly warm."


Par la haine et par la jalousie.

(By hatred and jealousy)

Instead of: "Par une haine jalouse."

(By jealous hatred)


Für König und Vaterland

(For the King and Fatherland)

Instead of "Royal Fatherland."


Metus et timor

(Fear and trepidation)

Instead of "Fearful trepidation."


Perfecti oratoris moderatione et sapientia.

(moderation and wisdom)

Instead of "moderated wisdom."


Nga rgyal khengs Dregs

(arrogance, haughtiness)

Yes, that's right...
Sometimes theres no conjunction in a healthy hendiadys.

Instead of "arrogant haughtiness."


Snga 'gras da 'khon

(former ill-will, recent spite)

Yes, that's right...
Sometimes it takes more than two words (and no conjunction) to make a healthy hendiadys.

Instead of "longstanding spiteful ill will."

Enough of those 'foreign' language examples...
Let's get down to the Turkish nitty gritty, and
rejoin G. Lewis now...
In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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