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Famous Turks Series -- Actress Ceyda Karahan is upset about her father's choice of husband for her, in the sex-comedy movie 'Civciv Çıkacak Kuş Çıkacak' (1975)
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A Turkish Bazaar Shopping Tip

Son fiyat nedir?
(sohn fee-yaht neh-deer)

Tüm erkek giyim markası fırsatları için tıklayın !

This simple question, "What's the final price?" works wonders with every ordinary vendor in every bazaar (and in many small town shops) in Turkey -- to get you a token discount (between 3% and 5%) off the final asking price of almost any item(s) you wish to purchase. Even if you've bargained at length beforehand.

But, you must wait to ask the vendor/sales-person this question until the last moment when you're actually ready to plunk your money down -- when the vendor/sales-person is convinced that you're a serious prospective customer.

Try it and see for yourself!

So, even if you're not good at (or, are shy about) bargaining in the bazaar (or, in small-town shops) -- and even if you haven't bargained at all up to the point of your purchase -- you can still ask the simple question and come away with a better buy than the original asking price.

Should you run into a vendor who won't budge when you ask the question, our advice is to find another vendor. Such an unresponsive vendor doesn't need your business -- and is likely to be overpriced (by Turkish standards) to begin with. But don't worry...because, personally, in the many years we've bargained in bazaars (and small town shops) of Turkey, we've never met with a vendor (or small town sales-person) who didn't respond positively to the question.

Sexiest Turkish Hotel
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