The 8 Most Common Difficulties of Turkish-Language Learning
Turkish-Language Ambiguity | Expressing Yourself in Turkish | Suffixes, suffixes, and still more Turkish suffixes | The too many uses of -den |
Turkish-Language inference and doubt | Lost Turkish-Language Articles | Turkish is Reverse English | Difficult Turkish-Language Vocabulary

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Learning Turkish Language Difficulties

Index to the
8 most common difficulties of Turkish
for English speakers

Excuses for "Why we'll never be fluent..."
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The 8 Most Common Difficulties of Turkish-Language

1. Turkish Language Ambiguities Do you mean...bat or bat or bat; and if so, do you mean
old bat; and if so...

2. Expressing yourself in the Turkish Language
"...a completely new garb."
3. Suffixes, suffixes, and still more Turkish suffixes
A curse on you and a glue to your nation! Excuse the horrible pun...
4. The too many uses of -den
5 unEasy Pieces...
5. Turkish Language inference and doubt
Have we had a miş-understanding?
6. Lost Turkish Language Articles
Where'd they go?...
7. Put it in reverse, buster!
Talking backwards is illogical, isn't it?
8. Turkish Language Vocabulary
It's tooo hard...

Learning Turkish Language Difficulties --
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    A Practical Philosophy for beginners

    (Found in the 'Introduction to The Whole Earth Catalog of Turkish Movies'.)
  • Why Off-color language is important too...
  • Translating Turkish, the basics
  • Essential Turkish Vocabulary
  • Turkish Verbs
  • Essential Idioms, Index
  • Essential Suffixes, Index
  • Sentence Structure, Standard
  • Turkish Pronunciation
  • Turkish Accenting
  • Turkish Numbers Revealed
  • Newspaper/Magazine Readers' Dictionary, Index
  • Learning Turkish, Unrelated Fun Pages:
  • Maganda, The Racy Turkish Lout -- a risqué illustration of the word zipper
  • Aysel, The Turkish Lout's daughter -- has a sexy job interview technique
  • Ferdi Tayfur - Arabesque (Arabesk) Singing Sensation
  • Turkish Movies - Best-Looking Bad Girl of the 1970s, Sevda Ferdağ
  • Bad Girls of the 1970s Turkish Cinema, Aliye Rona
  • Frequently asked questions about Turkey and the Turkish language
  • llustrated Nargile Users Guide -- and Encyclopedia
  • Our Honda Generator -- A Member of the Family
  • Habibullah and The Great Cannon Caper
  • Turkish Tongue Twisters
  • Turkish Belly Dancers
  • Turkish Tango, Dance the Romance
  • Turkish Terms Of Endearment
  • Turkish Personal Names
  • Politically Incorrect Turkish Humor
  • Why Off-Color Turkish is important too
  • Gossipy Turkish Who's Who
  • Turkish Kinsey Report #6 - Turkish Turn-Ons
  • Turkish Kinsey Report #1 - Turkey opens up about its seks
  • Turkish Kinsey Report #2 - Did they hear it through the grapevine?
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