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Benin (West Africa)
Formerly known as Dahomey
"On the Belly of Dan"

Country Map of Benin
and neigboring territories
in Turkish

Map of Benin (West Africa) and neighboring countries
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The West African nation of Benin: From 1625 until it passed to the hegemony of France in 1899, the country was continuously known as the Dahomey Kingdom. The name Dahomey (meaning "on the belly of Dan") derives from the name of a King Dan, who was defeated during the formation of the Kingdom. According the country's history, Benin's (Dahomey's) royal compound was built on the site of King Dan's grave. Under French rule, the country was known simply as Dahomey. During the 17th and 18th centuries, so many slaves were captured and taken from this and the surrounding territories that the region became known as the Slave Coast. Benin was part of French West Africa, and (when it was still known as Dahomey) the country became autonomous in 1959 -- winning independence in 1960. It took it's present name, People's Republic of Benin, in 1975, from the Bay of the same name -- on its Atlantic Ocean Sea Coast. Benin, which has 75 miles of coastline, is one of West Africa's smallest independent countries...
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Country Map of Benin (Dahomey), West Africa

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