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Tüm blu-ray fırsatları için tıklayın !

That wooded area over my shoulders is
all part of the Deniz Atı Hipo-Camp...
Autumn day -- in Gümüldür...

Alternative Turkish discount camping vacations for more-adventuresome Western tourists

We ran across this news item in Gözcü Gazetesi a couple of days ago, and thought it offered some interesting alternatives for the more-adventuresome sort of Western tourist, who might be lurking out there...

[Start Figurative Translation]

Super holidays for native vacationers

It's possible to rid yourself of a whole year's stress, while getting a taste of sun and sea -- at these camps and 'rest and relaxation' campsites.

Rated campgrounds and 'rest and relaxation' sites in various parts of the country are offering holiday possibilities at affordable prices for ordinary Turks.
In recent years, many of our countrymen and women (who have been struggling to make a living) all but forgot about taking vacations. That's because 'holiday village' prices and touristic sector hotel prices were prohibitive. Even worse, boarding-room prices began to approach the same level as hotel-room prices. And, when that happened, ordinary citizens' vacation plans went out the window. But there's good news for these citizens this year. Camps and 'rest and relaxation' grounds are opening to ordinary people in some very choice seaside locations.

For example, in Çeşme (near Izmir along the Aegean Seacoast), we tried the camp belonging to the Et and Balık Kurumu Association. The daily price for basic accommodation, including 3 meals a day was 23 YTL (around US$15, £8, €12 Euro). For an upgraded suite-style room, the price (with 3-meals-included) increased to 34 YTL (around US$21, £12, €17).

Some other examples...

In Izmir Province (Aegean Seacoast):

  • Seferihisar -- Karayolları Kampı Camp, 17.5 YTL for an overnight stay.
  • Urla -- The Polis Eğitim Moral ve Dinlenme Tesisleri Facilities, 4 YTL overnight (Ed. That isn't a typo.)

    In Antalya Province (Mediterranean Seacoast):

  • Karayolları Sosyal Tesisleri Facilities, daily accomodation, 20 YTL (This is the only site not near the seaside -- but the facility does have a swimming pool.)
  • Devlet Su Işleri Misafirhanesi Guesthouse, overnight accommodation for 2 people, 39 YTL.
  • Ulastırma Bölge Müdürlüğü Kampı Camp (next to the Antalya Limanı Marina), overnight for 2 people, 39 YTL.

    In Samsun Province (Black Sea Coast):

  • Atakum -- The Karayolları Tesisi Facility, 20 YTL per person overnight.

    [End Translation]

    The Gözcü article reminded us that our beach bungalows are quite near the Deniz Atı Hipo-Camp -- only about 300 yards up the the beach. Its seasonal clientele consists alternately of Turkish and Foreign nationals, being a favorite of Scandinavians -- especially the Danes. If I can get Deniz Atı's management to cooperate, I'll try to do a little 'feature' on the camp... It's really very nice -- in an easy-going seaside manner. (You can see some of its heavily wooded accomodations-section, over my shoulders in the picture above.)
    In Turkey - Türkiye'de

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