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December 27, 2007

Blog »
'Tis The Season
To Be Merry and Loving
with a few of our latest 'Terms of Endearment'
for the New Year

Continue reading "Terms of Love, Affection, and Endearment in Turkish and English for the New Year 2008 -- with voice recordings " ...»

December 26, 2007

Blog »
Tarkan, Turkey's King of Pop --
A Christmas Day Album Release
(with our English translation of its hit single)

The declared hit song on the Metamorfoz album is Vay Anam Vay (the Turkish lyrics for it may be seen in full by clicking the article on that page). The song is a rhythmic lament about a boy who is passionately in love with a girl who is totally unaware of his feelings. A figurative translation of the song title would be, "Help me someone/anyone please!" Including that as the catchy refrain, the whole song goes something like this, in English...

Continue reading "Pop Star Tarkan's Metamorphosis -- December 2007" ...»

December 23, 2007

Blog »
Tuğba Özay,
Turkish Supermodel and 'Mafia Moll'

In August 2007 Tuğba Hanım got into even deeper trouble, when police learned (through a telephone wire tap) that she was conspiring with a new mafia male-friend to help end her relationship with former mafia male-friend Kürsat Yılmaz (from 2005). And, she apparently spoke in such a way on tape that police understood her to be making a 'hit contract' on Yılmaz's life...

Continue reading "A beautiful Turkish Supermodel learns about life, behind bars" ...»

December 14, 2007

Blog »
The Turkish 'Kinsey Report'
Part 5

The survey surprisingly revealed that women of the troubled Southeast of Turkey (Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, etc.) had the highest reported incidence of la petite mort -- 63.7%. (Could the high anxiety of daily life heighten the intensity of their passion?) By comparison, the reported incidence of la petite mort in city-dwelling western women was just 41.2%.

The survey revealed another, related surprise -- that the geographical location of the lowest incidence of female la petite mort was...

Continue reading "Among Turkish couples, who initiates making whoopee -- male or female?" ...»

December 9, 2007

Blog »
The Turkish Movies Catalog for English Speakers
Kemal Sunal in "Come out and play with us Şaban"

The figurative translation of this movie's title is 'Come out and play with us Şaban'. It's rooted in the ditty that Turkish children chant in a group to entice a house-bound friend to come out to play with them. Starting with a Person's Name (in this case Şaban) the ditty goes: Şaban pabucu yarım, Çık dışarıya oynayalım. That bit of childish banter means...

Continue reading "Kemal Sunal as the artless Şaban" ...»

December 8, 2007

Blog »
The Best Little Game Show in Turkey

To understand what happened next, you need to remember basic Turkish word patterns and to follow the neat play-on-words elicited by the Clue-giver -- who provided this brainy hint to her teammate, "Where does Aladdin's Genie live?" she clued...

Continue reading "It's Strictly Taboo" ...»

December 5, 2007

Blog »
Learning Turkish with the help of Turkish Humour

Şükrü Kızılot's daily column (called 'Financial Approach') in Hurriyet Gazetesi is supposed to give advice to readers on Turkish tax matters. But he often includes sidebars intended to make those same readers smile, chuckle, or laugh out loud...

Continue reading "What makes Turks Laugh?" ...»

December 3, 2007

Blog »
The Confusing Turkish Language
starring Maganda, The Lout

Confusion in understanding Turkish conversation is often caused by the blazing fast speed with which many Turks speak. So fast, in fact, that syllables run together or get muffled or dropped altogether -- changing the meaning of a crucial word and thereby the meaning of the entire sentence, in the blinking of an eye. The dialog in the example comic-strip illustrates the problem quite nicely...

Continue reading "Maganda (The Lout) -- in a speedy-speech misunderstanding" ...»

December 1, 2007

Blog »
What Wily Turkish Widowers Want

Gosh Güzin Abla...
That's pretty bleak advice, don't you think?
You could at least include a suggestion to "Who's Guilty" for a Rabbit Pearl or something like it...
to help soothe her 'to the end'.
Do you think her husband would mind?
Or do you even know what we're talking about...

Continue reading "Turkey's Dear Abby Comes Out Swinging... " ...»

November 29, 2007

Blog »
What Wily Turkish Widowers Want

In a Letter to Güzin Abla (Turkey's Dear Abby)... I'm a 39-year-old married woman with teenagers. For a long time my much older husband and I haven't had sexual relations (because he had a stroke). And though I miss our physical life, I still love him. Recently, an older woman (who was my neighbor) became ill and passed away, rather suddenly. After she died, my problems started. Her husband (who is almost old enough to be my father) began hitting on me after his wife died. One day he stopped me on the street and very openly propositioned me, saying, "Mine is dead, yours may as well be, we both need each other. Why don't we get together?"

Continue reading "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus " ...»

November 26, 2007

Blog »
Yağmur Atacan, 'Incurable Romantic'...Not!

You remember Yağmur Bey, we think...He's the baby-faced 24-year-old actor (and would-be rock musician) who continues to be 33-year-old Pınar Altuğ's main-sqeeze after nearly 2 whole years. You may also recall that Pınar Hottie, er, Pınar Hanım has a well-deserved reputation as a man-eater. So the fact that Yağmur is still around (after all this time) must mean that he can still ring Pınar's bell. Either that or she's unduly nervous about 'age creep'...

Continue reading "Yagmur Atacan on 'Old Cars' and Marriage" ...»

November 22, 2007

Blog »
Mature Foreign Bride from Sweden
What happened when Lena met the youngblood, Sait?

We've sometimes wondered if readers have the impression (based on our first 'Foreign Bride' page) that the British hold a patent on September-Bride, May-Groom relationships in Turkey. Because... that's certainly not the case, as you can plainly see by the illustration on this page -- which reveals, for example, a potent Scandinavian connection that's alive and well in Antalya. Let's have a look at what happened there...

Continue reading "The Scandinavians are coming! The Scandinavians are coming! ...»

November 19, 2007

Blog »
Turkish Movie Classics --
Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım
(The Girl with the Red Scarf)

A beautiful young köylü (Asya played by Türkan Şoray) catches the eye of a 'world wise' long-haul truck driver (İlyas played by Kadir İnanır) when he gets stuck in the mud near her small village. Once İlyas manages to break down Asya's initial village-girl's reticence, a whirlwind romance ensues. The young lovers marry, Asya is soon pregnant, a son (Samet) is born, and all seems well with the world. But since nothing stays good (nor bad) forever, İlyas (a flawed handsome devil of a man if there ever was one) begins succumbing to his baser instincts. And in a scene that Asya inadvertently glimpses through an uncovered window, İlyas beds another woman...

Continue following the movie plot of "The Girl with the Red Scarf" -- including a .WMV video clip of the final climactic film-scene...»

November 16, 2007

Blog »
The Top 10 Turkish Movies of All Time

On Friday's... Hürriyet Newspaper publishes a supplemental section simply entitled CUMA; FRIDAY -- and, for as long as we can remember, it has always included a lead article selection of "The 10 Best Turkish" this or "The 10 Best Turkish" that. Recently, because of our interest in Turkish movies of almost every stripe, we were again attracted to Hurriyet's CUMA supplement, which this time contained the full-page article, "The 10 Best Turkish Films of All Time"...

Continue reading "Ten Best Turkish Films"...»

November 14, 2007

Blog »
What Merry Turkish Widows Want

'Sweet Mahir' picks up where he left off... When she greeted me at the door with a smile, I was overjoyed. Her youngest daughter was already in bed asleep but I met and chatted briefly with her other daughter (a well-spoken and attractive young 14-year-old) before she too went to bed. Afterwards, my 30-something widow and I sat for 2-3 hours, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Finally, I stretched out on the couch and beckoned, "Come next to me." At first she acted coy -- but when she finally came to me...

Continue reading "Did She Only Use Me For Sex?"...»

November 12, 2007

Blog »
What Merry Turkish Widows Want

Dear Güzin Abla (the Turkish Dear Abby), I'm a single 30 year old man, who many consider to be handsome. I'm living and working in Germany just now -- and, on the Internet, I made the acquaintance of a 34 year old widow with 2 children. We communicated by email at first and then by telephone. For a whole month, we talked on the phone from dusk till dawn -- which adversely affected my work. She captivated me... took over my brain, my mind -- became as important to me as the blood that flowed in my veins...

Continue reading "What Merry Turkish Widows Want"...»

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