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Jim and Peri's Blogs of July 2007
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July 30, 2007

Blog »
Those Revealing Statistical Charts --
Turkish National Election 2007

Weirdest Turkish Election Fact of 2007: Despite winning 12% more votes in 2007 than it did in 2003, the AKP will have lost more than 20 seats when the new Turkish Parliament convenes. AKP won 34% of the vote and 362 seats in the 2002 election. It increased its victory percentage to 46% in 2007, which was only good enough to earn 340 Parliamentary seats, though it still retains its clear-cut majority...

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July 28, 2007

Blog »
Turkish National Election Results of 2007
and what they may foretell...

Nearly one of every two Turkish voters cast their vote for the religious-right AKP in the 2007 National Election. But, despite the pre-election polls (which predicted just such an impressive AKP electoral showing) few but the party faithful will admit that they actually voted AKP... Why is that, we wonder? Did those 'shy voters' feel the rumble of Atatürk, turning over in his grave?

Continue reading "Is Turkey Turning East?"... »

July 27, 2007

Blog »
Ring, Ring!
The AKP is back...
and How!

The early-election signs for Turkish secularists were grim. Even after their supporters mounted impressive 'Turkish Republic Protest Marches' (Cumhuriyet mitingler) against the religous-right AKP ruling government, the secularist Political Parties just couldn't get untracked. Oh sure...They made noises about consolidating their splintered forces in order to take advantage of their overwhelming majority -- but instead they remained bogged down by indecision, infighting, and second-guessing. The work of losers...

Continue reading "The Unraveling of the Turkish Secular Movement"... »

July 12, 2007

Blog »
The God-Awful State of
Turkish-American Relations

Re: Armenia... Many people I have talked to say, "Why don't the Turks just say it happened but is was the Ottomans who did it. We're sorry, but it happened before the Turkish Republic even existed."

That's a tired old saw... The answer is:
A) As many Turks were killed by Armenian nationalists (as Armenians by Turks) in those dark days (as McCarthy documents in "Death and Exile"). But, are Armenian Activists ready to say "Yes, large numbers of Turks were massacred too but it was our wicked and murderously insane grandfathers and great-grandfathers who did it. We're sorry, but it happened almost 100 years ago." Is it any wonder that Turks have no intention of making such a statement about their own grandfathers and great-grandfathers -- without a reciprocal statement by the Armenian side?
And B)...

Continue reading "...it was the Ottomans who did it." »

July 11, 2007

Blog »
The God-Awful State of
Turkish-American Relations

Re: The Armenian Lobby: I'm afraid it's worse than you think. The "Armenian Genocide", as defined by the Lobby, has become undisputed here. People only debate whether or not the US has any reason of State to pass such a resolution. Not a word about its correctness. They simply attack people like Justin McCarthy as "holocaust deniers" and "paid agents of the Turkish government". Your comment on the Indian Genocide and slave Reparations is very apropos...

Continue reading "The Amenian Activist Lobby -- and more"... »

July 10, 2007

Blog »
The God-Awful State of
Turkish-American Relations

If I were a Turk and if my American 'ally' caved to the Armenian-Activist Lobby and passed a Genocide Bill, I would close down İncirlik (the American-run airbase in southern Turkey near the Iraqi border) within the hour, and I'd begin lining up deals for future major-purchases of aircraft, weapons, vehicles, etc. with China (or Russia or whomever, as long as there wasn't an American connection) -- setting the long-standing US/Turkish friendly-alliance back at least 10-15 years. It might even be irreparable, I'm not sure. Certainly, it would never be the same again...

Continue reading "Was 'Valley of the Wolves' just payback for 'Midnight Express'?"... »

July 9, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History: Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
The Supporting Actors and the Director

As previously mentioned, Öyle Bir Kadın Ki (the first no-holds-barred 'erotik' Turkish movie blockbuster) gave the Turkish movie industry an earthquake-sized shock -- and inflicted Turkish movie-archive experts with 'Deep Throat' Paralysis. Shall we have a closer look at the supporting cast and the movie's director -- to see what part they played in creating all that fuss?...

Continue reading "More juicy movie-database trivia about the key people behind 'Woman'"... »

July 8, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History: Öyle Bir Kadın Ki
The Lead Actors

As Turkish movie-database historian Ağâh Özgüç rather shamefacedly tells us, "1979 was a year of several dubious Turkish film-making 'firsts'. Besides Zerrin Egeliler's record-setting 37 starring-role 'erotik'-film performances, Recep Filiz wrote 26 'erotik' screenplays that were turned into movies, and director Naki Yurter gave birth to 28 'erotik' films." One of those Naki Yurter films of 1979 was none other than Turkey's first no-holds-barred 'erotik' blockbuster Öyle Bir Kadın Ki -- arising from a screenplay by the aforementioned Recep Filiz, who also had a real-seks acting role in the film. Let's meet and learn some interesting (or significant) details about the leading male and female actors of 'A Woman Like That'...

Continue reading "Fleshing out the leading male and female actors"... »

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