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Jim and Peri's Blogs of May 2007
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Tüm erkek giyim markası fırsatları için tıklayın !

May 23, 2007

Blog »
Aysun Kayacı --
her 'Doctors' strip, those mobile phone photos,
the Pepsi Kissing Ad

Shortly after her provocative strip on the Doktorlar TV broadcast, intimate mobile phone photos of the 26-year-old beauty in her underwear surfaced on the Internet -- which caused yet another stir. She claimed to have taken them herself, forgetting to remove them before giving the phone in for maintenance -- and that the repairman found and distributed them. Thousands wouldn't have believed that story line, and neither did we...

Continue reading "The Face of Pepsi Cola for Summer 2007"... »

May 20, 2007

Blog »
Award-winning Turkish Cookbook
Honey, what's cooking for dinner?

(includes recipe)

Sahrap Sosyal won her first food-Oscar in 2004 for her book, Bir Yemek Masal (A Food Fable) -- in the category of Best Local Food Book in the World. This year she won the International Gourmand World Food Book Award for her book Sevgilim, Aksama Ne Pisirdin? (Honey, what's cooking for dinner?)...

Continue reading "Sahrap Soysyal wins another food-Oscar"... »

May 14, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History:
The Actresses -- Mine Mutlu

Mine Mutlu never felt comfortable singing in front of audiences who knew her as Mine 'Butlu' and she floundered -- both professionally and personally. She tried marriage in 1978, but it only lasted a year. That led to a live-in arrangement with Ünal Çulha, which produced two children -- a son, Çağkan, in 1985 and a daughter, Büşra, in 1988. Shortly after her daughter's birth, Mine Mutlu was diagnosed with breast cancer...

Continue reading "The Short Unhappy Life of Mine Mutlu 4/4 "... »

May 12, 2007

Blog »
Bang, bang! The AKP gets shot down (for the moment)
for strong-arm tactics

Well heck, who could blame us for not noticing the Censorship Bill's passage...our attention was riveted on the monumental olaylar (events) that ran the Presidential Selection of Abdullah Gül (PM Erdoğan's crony) right off the tracks, into a stagnant pool at the bottom of a dump-ditch on the roadside. It was downright inspiring....

Continue reading "Presidential Politics, Protests, Predictions
(and Internet Censorship)
"... »

May 11, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History:
The Players -- Mine Mutlu

In 1976, Mine Mutlu withdrew entirely from 'erotik' film-making even though she was 'at the top of her game' -- and she tried to re-invent herself on stage, as a performing singer. But, the stigma of her 'erotik' film years followed her and she never successfully shook it off. "You might take the girl out of the films but you can't take the films out of the girl," became the public attitude...

Continue reading "The Short Unhappy Life of Mine Mutlu 3/4 "... »

May 7, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History:
The Players -- Mine Mutlu

In the middle of 1974, Mine Mutlu found herself at the center of the Turkish seks furyası (sex-movie boom) -- and she starred in her first full-fledged 'erotik' film, Beş Tavuk, Bir Horoz (Five Chickens, One Rooster) in that year. But Mine Hanım's starring role in 'Rooster' wasn't the first time she'd been a sexy leading lady...

Continue reading "The Short Unhappy Life of Mine Mutlu 2/4 "... »

May 4, 2007

Blog »
'Erotik' Movie History:
The Players -- Mine Mutlu

In Turkish-language, Mine Mutlu's name is filled with a sense of glamour and joy. 'Mine' means 'something lustrous and graceful' and 'Mutlu' means 'happy and lucky'. Unfortunately, Ms. Mutlu's real-life story was filled with disappointment and sorrow -- the story of an established legitimate actress who became associated with the Turkish 'erotik' film industry, and got trampled in the process.

Continue reading "The Short Unhappy Life of Mine Mutlu 1/4 "... »

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